RHEL7 Set Up A Lab Is Not Rocket Science Linux Lab Set Up Your Own At Home

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Released and New course content for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) also for Red Hat Enterprise Certified Engineer (RHCE). If you’re going to attend these courses then you definitely need Linux Lab at home to practice more. Linux Lab is available in institutions but you may not get efficient time to practice in Institute. Few People are looking forward to taking certification courses online.  In this Article we are going to see RHEL7 Set Up A Lab Is Not Rocket Science Linux Lab Set Up Your Own At Home. RHEL7 Set Lab

Hardware Requirements

  • At Least 8GB RAM to Run Two Virtual Machines, Best Recommendation is to have 12 GB RAM.
  • 2 GHz Processor 
  • 250GB HDD space Type of Disk SATA is enough
  • Dual Core/Quad Core processing

Software Requirements

To Create Linux Lab environment we may require Two Or Three Virtual Machines, 1. Server Machine 2. Client Machine 3. End user Machine (Windows or Linux)

  • VMware workstation / ESX Or ESXi
  • Oracle VirtualBox 
  • Red Hat Linux KVM (Kernel-Based Virtual Machine)

What are the objectives we can practice Using Linux Lab..?

All the normal objectives like NFS Server, Samba Server, Web server, Secure Web Server, LVM, Disk Partitioning, User Administration, Basic commands, DNS and DHCP we can practice without setting up anything. Just required 2 Virtual Machines with good configuration.

Then what is the use in setup Linux Lab.?

Critical Part of practicing the Kerberized NFS, LDAP Server authentication, PXE boot Server and other topics required Linux Lab.

How to RHEL7 Set Up A Lab

To Create Multiple Virtual Machines we have to use either VMware, VirtualBox, KVM Or Linux Virtualization. Let’s see how to install VMware Workstation.

Here is the Document Which will Guide to Install VMware WorkStation

Setting up Linux Lab – Installing VMware workstation Software

Successful Installation of VMware WorkStation We have to create Virtual Machines to Install Operating System Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. VMware Workstation version would be 11 Or 12 Pro. Below 11 Version will not work perfectly.

VirtualBox Installation and Configuration for Linux Lab

Hardware does not require to be virtualization support, any hardware will support for VirtualBox because it will just run a normal hardware.

Installation of VirtualBox

Setting up Linux Lab – Installing VirtualBox for Virtual Environment

Creating Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

Setting up Linux Lab – Creating Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

Network Configuration in Virtualization Infrastructure

In this Linux Lab environment, we do not use any physical Network devices to communicate with Virtual Machines. We have to set up existing VM network to Communicate with Local Base Machine.

Setting up Linux Lab – Creating and modifying VM Network

You’re almost near to Linux Lab Setup, Install Operating system then start using as Linux Lab. Before going to use, installation of Main Server is required for us.

RHEL7 Operating System Installation Step by Step Guide

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Operating System installation Step by Step Guide

How to install Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 Step by Step Guide

RHEL7 Set Lab Install Main Server

Main Server will include Identity, Policy, Trusts. 

Main features
Integrated security information management solution combining Linux (Fedora), 389 Directory Server, MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS, Dogtag certificate system, SSSD and others.
Built on top of well known Open Source components and standard protocols
Strong focus on ease of management and automation of installation and configuration tasks.
Full multi-master replication for higher redundancy and scalability
Extensible management interfaces (CLI, Web UI, XMLRPC and JSONRPC API) and Python SDK

This will give us to do Kerberized NFS Shares, LDAP Authentications, Default DNS functions Certificates so an..

Server Installation and Configuration

setup Linux Lab yet home – installing and configuring IPA server

After Everything is in place now take snapshots for all the Virtual Machines. Snapshots are more useful while practicing if you mess up something no need to worry simply revert back to fresh snapshot Virtual Machines become fresh OS.

Create Virtual Machine Snapshot

Create Virtual Machine Snapshot to revert back to fresh Operating system



RHEL7 Set Up A Lab Is Not Rocket Science, RHEL7 Set Lab Your Own At Home. Setup Linux Lab and Enjoy Practicing Certifications. 

Good Luck. 


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