RHCSA and RHCE Certification content in detailed


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  1. zain says:

    how to create iso file from already installed OS (ubuntu)

    • We can’t create ISO file from installed Operating system. If it is a Virtual Machine then we can create an clone of it. Use clonezilla to clone your machine to another HDD.

  2. blank Juan Cruz says:

    Hello.! Greetings from Colombia…. Where I can get this course? my email is ingjuancruzg@yahoo.es

  3. blank Saurabh says:


    some links are not accessible,for example linux vs windows, quota management etc,,

  4. blank Sunder Singh says:

    Hi Ravi,
    I need tutorial to setup clamav antivirus server and agent on our server to get database updated from clamav server if possible.

    Thank you.

  5. blank Tech123 says:

    There are some links that are not accessible like there is no link when you hover over cursor

  6. blank arun says:

    Hi Ankam,

    This is not the right link to install Linux

    Installing Linux Operating system using Installation media (DVD)

  7. blank harishankarkumar says:

    linux administration course details

  8. blank Kiran says:

    Hey Ravi,
    What is the validity of these both certificates?

  9. blank Yuvaraj says:

    Hello ARK,

    Can you provide any PDF(video) materials for studying SUSE or RHEL Cluster.

    it will be useful for me.

  10. blank Satyam says:

    There are still few links which doesn’t work please do the needful ASAP

  11. blank Mazenet says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog with us.This information would benefit anyone preparing for the exams.

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