Linux Learners Guide – Book Written by Ankam Ravi Kumar

Ankam Ravi Kumar

Working as Linux / Storage Administrator L3. Interested in sharing the knowledge.

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  1. imran tahir says:

    How to download this book kibdly send me link thanks

  2. blank gopal says:

    Let me know one thing how to download the book

  3. blank remzi says:


    Thanks for your job.

    “Init is the parent process for all the processes. Process id is 0 always”

    it is not 0, it must be 1.

  4. blank Tech123 says:

    How to download this book?

  5. blank Makthar Basha D says:

    Dear Ravi

    Thanks a lot for sharing this book. It is so use full our career.

  6. blank Sonu Kumar says:

    Thank you for book
    Please update more

  7. blank Yoganand says:

    There is a mistake in the name of the “Unix OS developers” . The name should be “Ken Thompson” , i hope it’s not “Kem”

  8. blank Nazmul says:

    thnx Ravi for the share…..waiting for RHEL 7 book…:)

  9. blank Rami reddy says:

    thank you for sharing this documentation do you have shell scripting documentation please sahre me below mail id:

  10. blank thiyagu says:

    thanks buddy….

  11. blank Namesh says:

    Why your youtube channel blocked

  12. thanks very much bro you are doing great job keep it up

  13. blank venkat says:

    Hi sir plz send your mob no

  14. blank mayank goyal says:

    sir what about rhel 7 books.?

  15. blank sumit kumar says:

    Thank you so much sir,
    Sir please tell me the definition of file system. I search everywhere but i didn’t get.

  16. blank mayank says:

    hello arkit sir
    i had watched your centos 9 hour video …can you please provide me all commands notes that you explain in that video ….

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