Setting up Linux Lab – Creating Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

We have seen how to install an VirtualBox software in base machine. In this article we are going to see how to create an virtual machine using virtualbox software.  Setting up Linux Lab – Creating Virtual Machine in VirtualBox.

Setting up Linux Lab – Creating Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

To create a new virtual machine, you need to start VirtualBox. On the host where you installed Oracle VDI and VirtualBox, select the Applications menu on the desktop, then the System Tools menu, and then Oracle VM VirtualBox. Alternatively, you can run the VirtualBox command in a terminal. The Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager is displayed, as shown in below screenshot.

1-Creating VM

Provide VM name, Select OS type and version then Click on Next

Select Memory Size

Select Memory Size (RAM) for our virtual machine

Basically 2GB is minimum so select 3GB is good for any operation

Create Virtual Hard disk

If you have previously created virtual machine disk then you can select “Use an existing virtual hard disk file”.

As we don’t have previously created virtual disk file select “Create a virtual hard disk now”

then Click on Create

Select virtual disk type

As shown in above screenshot select VMDK file because it will be very handy if you want to move the VM to Vmware workstation.

then click Next

Disk allocation type

Select “Dynamically allocated” because immediately we don’t want allocate all the space to the virtual machine disk, As much as we utilize it should be used

then Click on Next

VM Disk Size

For our regular practice 20GB disk space is plenty

Increase disk size to 20GB and Click Create

VM Created Successfully

Virtual Machine is created successfully.

That’s about Setting up Linux Lab – Creating Virtual Machine in VirtualBox, which may helps you to run multiple systems in single physical machine.

For Video Tutorial Click Here

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