Netapp Course Content Cluster-Mode Storage System

This course is applicable for freshers and entry level experienced persons. Netapp course Content Cluster-Mode Storage Systems.


He/She should have basic idea about hardware and networking part. Having IT experience toward to the system administration is added advantage for them.

Course Duration: 30 Days Daily 60-90 minutes

Fee Details: 10000/- rupees only

Course Mode: Online

Netapp Course Content Cluster-Mode Storage Devices

1. NetApp Storage Operating Systems and Hardware Platforms

  • NetApp Storage Operating Systems
  • 7-Mode Hardware Architecture
  • Cluster Mode Hardware Architecture
  • Disk Shelf Hardware
  • The FAS Hardware Platform
  • Disk Shelf Tour and Cabling 
  • Cluster, Management and Data Networks Overview
  • NetApp Storage Architecture Overview

2. Benefits of Centralized Storage

  • NAS Network Attached Storage Overview
  • SAN Storage Protocols – Fibre Channel Overview Part
  • Fibre Channel Overview
  • SAN Storage Protocols – iSCSI Overview
  • SAN Storage Protocols – Fibre Channel over Ethernet FCoE
  • RAID Types and Explanation

3. Netapp Storage System Setup

  • System Setup Software
  • The Cluster Setup Wizard
  • Admin Components
  • Boot Process
  • NetApp Storage Management Interfaces
  • OnCommand System Manager
  • OnCommand Unified Manager and OnCommand Insight
  • Command Line Interface Introduction
  • Service Processor Overview

4. NetApp Storage Post Installation Tasks

  • Adding Licenses
  • Network Time Protocol
  • AutoSupport Configuration
  • Event Management System

5. NetApp Storage Physical Resources and Caching

  • Storage Architecture Review
  • Disks, Aggregates and RAID Groups
  • Advanced Disk Partitioning
  • WAFL and the System Memory Cache
  • Virtual Storage Tier FlashCache
  • Virtual Storage Tier FlashPool
  • Storage Pools
  • Disk and VST Guidelines

6. NetApp Storage Logical Resources

  • Storage Virtual Machines – SVM’s
  • Role Based Access Control – User management
  • Flexible Volumes
  • Qtrees and Quotas
  • Infinite Volumes

7. NetApp Networking

  • Interface Groups
  • VLANs
  • Logical Interfaces
  • IPspaces
  • Broadcast Domains and Failover Groups
  • Subnets
  • Network Load Balancing
  • Switch Configuration
  • Networking Configuration Review
  • Cluster Network Configuration
  • Management Network Configuration
  • Broadcast Domain Configuration
  • Interface Group Configuration
  • VLAN Configuration
  • Subnets Configuration
  • Logical Interface Configuration
  • Network Load Balancing Configuration
  • IPspace Configuration

8. NetApp Storage NAS Protocols

  • NFS the Network File System
  • Export Policies
  • NFS Configuration
  • CIFS / SMB the Common Internet File System
  • Multiprotocol
  • Windows to UNIX Multiprotocol Configuration

9. NetApp Storage SAN Protocols

  • SAN Implementation on NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP Storage
  • Multipath Tools – MPIO, DSM, ALUA, SLM and Host Utilities
  • ISCSI Configuration for Windows clients
  • ISCSI Configuration for Linux clients
  • Fibre Channel and FCoE Configuration
  • SnapDrive and SnapManager

10. Snapshots

  • Schedule Configuration
  • Snapshot Configuration, SnapRestore and Windows Clients
  • FlexClone

11. Storage Efficiency

  • Thin Provisioning
  • Deduplication and Compression

12. NetApp Storage Data Protection

  • SyncMirror
  • High Availability
  • SnapMirror Engine
  • SnapMirror Cascades
  • Load Sharing Mirrors
  • Load Sharing Mirrors Configuration
  • SnapMirror and SnapVault Initial Setup
  • SnapMirror Data Protection Mirrors
  • SnapVault
  • Tape Backups
  • MetroCluster

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1.Fee details
Ans: Rs. 10000/- Indian Rupees

2. Duration of courss
Ans: 45 Days Everyday 1Hour and 30 mins

3. Any certificate given by you after. Completing the course
Ans: No Certification will be given by us (you have to write it separately)

4.Timing of online class
Ans: We have different batches which batch you prefer (Evening timings only 8- 11PM)

5. Any employee after this training
Ans: No Employment (Just Guide to be provided how to prepare for interviews)

6. Name of certification
Ans: NCSA – Netapp Certified Storage Associate and NCDA

7. Any job placements help by you after completing the course
Ans: NO, we will not provide any job.

8. How about missed classes
Ans: We will teach you separately missed class, by mentioning the different Class timings (mostly on SAT & SUN)

I hope your questions are answered.

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Netapp course content Cluster mode

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