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How to Delete busy snapshots 0

How To Delete Busy Snapshots From Netapp DATA ONTAP

We seen snap list of the volume, found few of the snapshots are showing as busy 1% ( 1%)   11% ( 1%)  Dec 26 08:42  snapshot_for_backup.7020 (busy,backup[1],dump) it’s holding few percentage of snapshot reserved...

15 aggr command Netapp cluster mode practical examples 0

15 aggr command Netapp cluster mode practical examples

The storage aggregate command family manages aggregates. The storage aggregate commands can create new aggregates, add more disks to an aggregate, delete the existing ones, change aggregate status and apply options to an aggregate. Aggregate...

df command netapp cluster mode 2

df Command Netapp Cluster mode Awesome examples

df command Netapp cluster mode displays statistics about the amount of free disk space in one or all volumes and aggregates in cluster. All sizes are reported in 1024-byte blocks, unless otherwise requested by different...