setup Linux Lab yet home – installing and configuring IPA server



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  1. blank tejas says:

    Hey Arkit, Can you fix the links, Its starts with taking snapshot and this link is redirected to same page.

  2. blank Urvish Patel says:


  3. blank VP Singh says:

    Thank you much much Arkit for step-by-step very useful information.
    I followed your steps to install and configure ipa server and client.
    after facing many error in between process, finally i successfully installed and configured.
    The last step at client side, I am not being able to configure home directory creation. I have edited the file specified here but still its showing the same error: “su: warning: cannot change directory to /home/rkumar: No such file or directory”
    Please help on this error.

  4. blank Ashish C says:

    Hello VP,

    just create directory under /home/rkumar or create rkumar user.

    That’s it.


  5. blank Namesh says:

    Great work ark

  6. blank AKHIL. M.A. says:

    When iam enter #klist ,iam getting a error like 【klist : No credentials found (ticket cache KEYRING: persistent:0:0)】…Sir pls give a solution for that error

  7. blank sudhar says:

    ipa : CRITICAL failed to configure ca instance Command ‘/usr/sbin/pkispawn -s CA -f /tmp/tmp0I9IPJ’ returned non-zero exit status 1
    Configuration of CA failed

  8. blank fayaz says:

    hi i followed ur steps and created yum repository, but ipa-server install is failing

    yum install ipa-server bind nds-ldap bind dyndb-ldap
    Loaded plugins: langpacks, product-id, search-disabled-repos, subscription-manager

    File contains no section headers.
    file: file:///etc/yum.repos.d/ftp.repo, line: 1

    using rhel 7.4 server
    please reply asap


  9. blank sandeep says:

    type… kinit admin

  10. blank Kudzayi Ndoro says:

    Before klist, do “kinit admin” otherwise you get error:
    klist: Credentials cache keyring ‘persistent:0:0’ not found

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