Setting up Linux Lab – Creating and modifying VM Network



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  1. blank Deepak says:


    Thank for posting this article. however I have some queries on it. How VN DHCP server works. What if I disable this feature and install DHCP server in my RHEL and use this server to provide ips to rest of the machines. I tried this. however it is working partially. DHCP server providing ips to other machine but these machine are not able to ping each other. Could you please assist me ?? it will be really helpful.

  2. blank Ravi says:

    Yes, That will be an good idea. But You always have to start an DHCP server first then start the other VM’s. If you forgot to start the DHCP server VM First then other machines will not get IP. Instead of DHCP server in LAB we will have only Few machines right we can also configure Manual IP’s that would be helpful in this case.

  3. blank Krishna says:

    Is internet connectivity is required for setting up the Lab..

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