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Nagios Monitoring tool installation and configuration Step by Step guide


pnp4Nagios Installation configuration Step by step Guide

Pnp4Nagios is an tool which will store performance data into RRD (Round Robin Database) and show in graphical representation. Its easy to understand and represent the values in graphs. Let’s see pnp4nagios installation configuration...

Netapp Lun state Monitoring using Nagios 0

Netapp Lun State Monitoring using Nagios – Dirty Way

Monitoring Netapp LUN directly may possible using SNMP by calling OID, in different way and dirty way using shell script. Here is an way Netapp Lun state Monitoring using Nagios- Dirty Way.  Netapp Lun...

Nagios Core Create ServiceGroups configure servicegroups 0

Nagios Core Create ServiceGroups configure ServiceGroups

Nagios core is an open source enterprise monitoring tool, monitor your entire environment. Multiple types of devices, operating systems, network devices and sensors, data center devices. If your monitoring a huge environment you can’t...

Nagios Core Hostgroups configure hostgroups 0

Nagios Core Create hostgroups configure hostgroups

Nagios Core Create hostgroups Configure Hostgroups, Why we have to create hostgroups in Nagios Core and Nagios XI. What is the use of hostgroups. Nagios hostgroups means number of hosts (servers) making as group....