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Installing the Network 0

Installing the Network. Cabling

Installing the Network. Cabling – Structured cabling connects all the systems in an organised way and into a single unit. It integrates voice, data, video and other management systems. The structured cabling system is...

IP Addressing - Networking 0

IP Addressing – Networking

IP Addressing – Networking – A Unique number called the internet protocol (IP) address identifies every machine that is on a network. The IP address is a unique 32-bit logical address expressed as four...

Communication using a Network 0

Communication using a Network

Communication using a Network – The basic reason behind the development of networks is to share data and resources between the interconnected nodes, For connecting the nodes, a hardware device called Network interface Card...

advanced ethernet 0

Advanced ethernet – Networking concepts

Advanced Ethernet – Networking – Network involves connection of computers, workstations and peripheral devices such as routers, switches, bridges and hubs. These devices are interconnected with the help of a medium. There are several...