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RHCSA = Red hat certified System Administrator Certification which is added advantage for the job seekers. Earning RHCSA certification may not give you job but definitely you will get more priority in candidate selection. Read this RHCSA certification complete road map, which will guide you to earn certificate.  This complete course will use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Version.

What are the books you have to refer

  • Book EX200
  • Official Book content Red Hat system Administrator I RH124
  • Official Book content Red Hat System Administrator II RH134

RHCSA Certification Complete Course Content

  1. Introduction to RHEL 7
  2. Managing Files & Directories
  3. Basic Commands
  4. Getting Help Using CLI Interface & Man Pages
  5. Editing, Viewing and Managing of Text files
  6. User Administration Creating, Deleting and Managing users
  7. Controlling Services Using systemctl command
  8. Process Management
  9. Installing and configuring SSH service
  10. Analyse and storing logs
  11. Syslog Server
  12. Compressing and archiving files and directories
  13. Copying Files and Directories to remote servers securely
  14. Yellow Dog Update Module (YUM Client)
  15. Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)
  16. Search files and Directories using find and locate commands
  17. Files Links Soft and Hard
  18. Managing Of physical storage ( Creating and removing partitions )
  19. Logical Volume Manager
  20. Access Control List (ACL)
  21. Understanding Process priority
  22. Scheduling cronjobs and at jobs
  23. SELinux
  24. Swap File System
  25. Network File System (NFS) installation and configuration
  26. Managing Firewall Rules
  27. Securing the NFS shares using kerberos
  28. LDAP Client configuration
  29. Setting up LDAP user Home directory
  30. NTP Server and Client installation and configuration
  31. Recovering forgot root user password 
  32. Samba Server installation and configuration
  33. RHEL 7 Installation and configuration


How RHCSA Exam process will be

  • Completely practical exam you have install and configure our own
  • Exam time duration 2.5 Hours
  • Total Marks 300
  • Pass Marks 210
  • You have to do 20 Questions in exam to get 300 marks
  • Exam results will sent to your Email Address within 3 US working days

Certification Fee Details

16500/- Rupees in India for single paper RHCSA (These Certification fee vary as per the Red Hat quarter performance)

In US dollars $200 – $300

Do’s & Don’t while writing Exam

  • Don’t look into neighbour system (He / She may have different question than you)
  • Do  remember to complete the exam before ten minutes
  • Do reboot system after completion of exam and re-verify
  • Do remember to enable services because after restart service should start while booting Linux machine
  • Don’t carry any document. If examiner find such a document you will be  terminated for 5 years from writing red hat exams
  • Examiner will give white paper to write something related to examination. Do remember to give it back
  • Do ask examiner about any question clarification
  • Do read all questions clearly before executing
  • Don’t be in hurry 

What is the environment required to do practice RHCSA certification complete

  • 4 GB RAM
  • Minimum Dual Core processor
  • 250GB HDD
  • Client Machine & Server Machine is Required


If your an experienced Linux Administrator you can simply complete this RHCSA exam without taking an official training. 


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  1. adel says:

    Hello i can get rhcsa without taking the exam? If i can plz tell me in my email

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    Being a new comer in Linux , how can we achieve and prepare Linux certification without going for training.

  4. Hello, I am Raish Khan
    Currently working as a Desktop Support Engineer on Windows platform. Now trying to get job on Linux platform and also preparing to get RHCE Certificate. ??

  5. blank cultpress says:

    1. rhsca exam have 2 part(Lab config and written)?
    2. Total Marks 300 is included both Lab and written part? if i do written correct all 20 QA, i will get 300 point?
    So,Is there no need to do Lab? I will pass rhcsa?
    3.can you provide list of topics of lab exam. which lab i should practice to pass this lab exam?


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