RHEL7 RHCSA Exam Objectives For Beginners

RHEL7 RHCSA Exam Objectives – Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification is the first Linux certification you have to start from here if your an beginner. This course divided into few portions using essential tools, Running Operating system, Configuring Local Storage, Files and Directory Permissions, Creating and Managing Users and Managing Security. If you know this your done with first step and go with second step is RHCE

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RHEL7 RHCSA Exam Objectives

Note: Red Hat may use applications during the exam that are not included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the purpose of evaluating candidate’s abilities to meet this objective. Like rht-vmctl command for resetting and controlling virtual machines in examination

Operate running systems

Configure local storage

Configure file systems

Deploy, configure, and maintain systems

Manage users and groups

Manage security


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RHEL7 RHCSA Objectifies PDF

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