25 most commonly used Linux commands


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  1. blank Ggg says:

    Useful thank u

  2. I’ve been using *nix since 1985. I’ve been using Linux since 1991 when Slackware was released. Having a full grasp of these 25 commands could forge you a career in Linux Systems Administration. With just a few more commands (awk, tr, rsync, and some additional tcp/ip knowlege and commands) one could be considered a seasoned LSA. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years and written firewalls, intrusion detectors / protectors, databases, etc, etc, etc all just in script. I’ve come to realize you can do anything you want in script and get it working quickly. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

  3. blank Mohit Panwar says:

    Thanks it’s very useful commands

  4. blank Vamsi says:

    for deleting file with confirmation the command is rm -i filename.

  5. blank Vamsi says:

    correct me if I am wrong

  6. blank Krishna says:

    Such a useful commands

  7. blank Shivaramakrishna says:

    Great. veryuserful

  8. blank prudvi says:

    HI Ravi

    please check 25 its not cheeking but checking spelling correction, if i am wrong ignore


  9. blank Lilstylo says:

    This was so helpful. Is there any pattern to follow when you’re combining addendums? Like the tar -cvzf could it work with tar -fzcv?

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