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Introduction to the Linux Operating system

Linux is an open-source operating system that is widely used in the tech industry. It was first introduced in 1991 by Linus Torvalds as a free and open-source alternative to proprietary operating systems. Since then, Linux has grown in popularity and is used in everything from mobile devices to supercomputers.

One of the main benefits of Linux is that it is highly customizable. Users can modify the source code to create their own unique versions of the operating system. This has led to a large and active community of developers who work to improve and expand upon Linux.

Another benefit of Linux is that it is highly secure. Because it is open-source, users can see the source code and identify and fix security vulnerabilities quickly. This has made Linux a popular choice for servers and other enterprise systems.

Linux also has a wide range of applications and tools available. These include everything from text editors and web browsers to software development tools and virtualization software.

One of the challenges of using Linux is that it can be more difficult to learn and use than other operating systems like Windows or macOS. However, there are many resources available online, including tutorials and forums, that can help users get started with Linux.

Single Page to Learn Linux from Scratch

Overall, Linux is a powerful and versatile operating system with many benefits for users and developers alike. Whether you are a software developer, system administrator, or just a curious user, Linux is worth exploring.

UNIX is the first Operating system in the world, developed by Kem Thompson and Dennis Ritchie in 1969 at Bell Lab by AT&T Company

  • IBM:           AIX
  • SGI:           IRIX
  • Sun:           Solaris

Free software foundation organization, they start a project by name GNU. The main aim of this project is to develop an operating system that can run on any platform.
In 1991, a student Linus Torvalds developed a kernel named Linux’s kernel plus GNU application called Linux operating system.
Linux is an open-source technology.
Different companies that provide Linux in the Market are Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, SuSe, Scientific, Centos, Knoppix, etc.


  • Linux is the fastest Operating system in the world. It runs 2 to 3 times fast than Windows OS.
  • Linux is the much-secured OS because there is no problem with the virus.
  • Linux file format is a text format and Windows file format is a binary format.
  • Linux is a very reliable OS because the kernel of Linux is very stable as compared to Windows kernel not crashed easily.
  • Kernel of Linux is very small in size it can be stored on a floppy.
  • Linux uses the x-Window system which is advanced network windowing system. Using this system we can display output of any workstation monitor attached in the network.


  • Virus Proof
  • Crash Proof
  • Economical
  • Multiuser, Multi-Tasking and Multi processing capacity

Login Modes:
Two modes:

1.Text mode (CLI)

2.Graphical Mode (GUI)
Login to Text mode we have use (Ctrl+Alt+F1…..F6, F8….F12) (Ctrl+Alt+F7) for Graphical Mode

Linux is mostly used by internet servers and database servers. It is a very efficient multi-user and multi-taking operating system traditionally used by large companies and educational institutions.

It is scalable from a small system to enterprise level system, which makes it suitable for anyone looking for low cost, reliable operating system.

For programmers it has more and more built-in utilities / tools, programmable shell and a straight forward structure which is very easy to compile/produce complex programs.

Linux Operating systems has CLI and GUI interfaces to work on. For end users / Beginners they can make use of GUI interface to work. The GUI interface called as X windows and it supports many business applications and games.

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