rht-vmctl RHCSA and RHCE Lab Commands

Most of the Students thinking that rht-vmctl command is not working on there own Desktops/Laptops which they build for practice. rht-vmctl is an command which is customized to execute only on Red Hat Class room Lab only.

Why rht-vmctl does not work in RHEL 5/6/7

This command is not an inbuilt one which is not shipped with RHEL build. It is an customized environment for Red Hat Authorized training centers. If you think why like that.? because here is an scenario 

All Red Hat training centers have Uniq Training Lab to avoid difference in student practice method

red hat lab

red hat lab

The same architecture also followed by Red Hat Exam Centers. If your going to write an exam like RHCSA Or RHCE simple you have remember this below commands to view, start, stop and reset virtual machines.

Try in home installed Linux Operating system you will get 

rht-vmctl command not found

rht-vmctl is command which is required for Red Hat labs because easy to manage / deploy work stations and very easy to reset the practice lab machines simply using below commands. There is no special lab maintenance is required. If there is no rht-vmctl is available you have to re-inistall Operating system so many time you don’t know how many times during your regular practice.

In any workstation there are two virtual machines available one is desktop and one more is server other than base machine

# rht-vmctl fullreset server
Above command will reset server machine completely which means freshly installed Operating system with yum configured and student user access available
# rht-vmctl fullreset desktop

To Only reset Desktop machine in lab use above command

# rht-vmctl fullreset all

All machines reset (Desktop and Server) using single command

Start machines for lab practice

# rht-vmctl start server

# rht-vmctl start desktop

# rht-vmctl start all

To view or bring graphical window to use GUI mode

# rht-vmctl view server
 # rht-vmctl view desktop
 # rht-vmctl view all

Central Lab machine rht-vmctl

Not only for workstation, rht-vmctl command is available for central lab server as well to deploy setup to workstation, which means no need of formating and installing operating system again and gain in lab machines

awesome and simple. Are you looking for similar kind of setup using vmware workstation at home lab.?

Install Fresh Operating system and create snapshot, if you mess-up your machine simply revert back using snapshot

That’s it about rht-vmctl command

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