RHEL7 how to configure NIC Teaming as Active Backup (Failover)


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  1. Hello. I noticed a serious problem that needs your attention: How to configure automatic recovery of a failed port in RHEL7.0 teaming ? I successfully configured teaming by following the above procedure, in a RHEL 7.0 server. The failover from port1 to port2 (from main to backup) was also successful by just applying the commands mentioned in your procedure, but when I tried to failover again from port2 to port1 (from backup to main), it was not possible. I found port1 still in a failed state and I had to recover it up manually. This is a big problem because if the backup also fails, the network will remain in a failed state and never recovers. So is there a solution to this problem: a command to (try to) immediately recover (stimulate) a failed port after a failover, so that it becomes soon ready to switch back to main (active) again if/when necessary. This means the config must always try keeping both ports UP so that failover never fails. Thanks.

  2. blank Julie says:

    BIG thank you for these perfect tutorial !!!

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