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ONTAP is a storage operating system used by NetApp, which provides a range of features for managing and storing data. When it comes to S3 features, ONTAP provides the following, S3 feature is available from 9.12.1 version onward.

  • S3 Object Storage: ONTAP allows users to create, read, write, and delete objects in an S3 bucket. Users can use the S3 API to interact with ONTAP and perform operations such as object listing, object tagging, and bucket creation.
  • S3 Bucket Mirroring: ONTAP allows users to set up cross-region replication for S3 buckets. Users can configure ONTAP to automatically replicate objects from one S3 bucket to another, ensuring data availability and durability.
  • S3 Object Versioning: ONTAP supports versioning of S3 objects, allowing users to store multiple versions of an object in the same bucket. Users can enable versioning for a bucket and then retrieve previous versions of an object when required.
  • S3 Lifecycle Management: ONTAP provides a way to manage the lifecycle of S3 objects by automatically transitioning objects to different storage classes or deleting them based on user-defined policies.
  • S3 Encryption: ONTAP provides support for encrypting S3 objects using server-side encryption with Amazon S3-managed keys (SSE-S3) or customer-managed keys (SSE-C).
  • S3 Access Control: ONTAP allows users to control access to S3 buckets and objects using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies or S3 bucket policies.
  • S3 Analytics: ONTAP provides analytics capabilities for S3 objects, including storage class analysis, object access patterns, and cost analysis. Users can use these analytics to optimize their S3 storage usage and reduce costs.

Overall, ONTAP provides a comprehensive set of S3 features that make it a powerful solution for managing and storing data in the cloud.

Prerequisites to Create ONTAP S3 bucket

  1. Add ONTAP S3 License
  2. Create Storage VM
  3. Enable S3 protocol
  4. Storage VM Network LIF should be reachable
  5. Should have available space in aggregate to create bucket
S3 ONTAP License

S3 ONTAP License


Login to ONTAP system manager console navigate to

  • Storage –> Storage VMs –> Add

Fill the required details as shown in below image

  • – SVM Name
  • – Select Enable S3
  • – Provide S3 server name (Your S3 Endpoint name)
  • – Select Network port to host the LIF
  • – Enable SVM Management and add vsadmin password
  • – if required enabled management network


Create SVM with S3 Protocol

Create SVM with S3 Protocol

Storage VM Administration

Storage VM Administration

Click Save. Your SVM will created and S3 is enabled

Now navigate to Storage –> Buckets –> Add

  • Provide bucket name (No Capital Letters, No Underscore, No hyphen and No space)
  • provide capacity
Create S3 bucket

Create S3 bucket

Click Save

Providing Permissions to the S3 Bucket access

Storage –> Storage VMs –> Select the SVM –> Settings

Select S3

Select S3

  1. Create Policy First
  2. Create user
  3. Create group and add user
Create S3 Policy

Create S3 Policy


Add S3 user

Add S3 user

When you create the user it will give you the Access key and Secret Key details please download and keep it safe

Create Group

Create Group

That’s great you successfully create ONTAP S3 bucket and provided the permissions. You can use S3 browser or AWS CLI to configure your S3 endpoint and access it.

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