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So the problem statement is Commvaule unable to detect tape drives as NDMP of NetApp even after running a scan from advanced storage management. 

What to check?

  • Check tape drives connected properly to SAN Switch
  • Check Zoning is having correct members (Aliases)
  • Zoning should contain NetApp FC Initiator ports to initiate NDMP

Commvault unable to detect tape drives as NDMP

Even after verifying all the above steps and they are all correct no issues found. then what next?

Scenario: Here we’re using NetApp storage cluster mode zoned with Commvault media agent and tape drives.

arkit-netapp-na::> storage tape show-supported-status

The above command will list out all the existing supported tape drives with a list, if you could not find the relevant tape drive model then you need to perform the below steps.

Download the .TCF file from below website which required Netapp login

for 7 modes follow these steps to add the correct tape config file. Snapmirror to tape

How to include tape configuration file in NetApp Cluster mode

All you need to do is download the correct configuration file then upload it to /mroot/etc/tape_config location in Netapp.

Download the file and copy the same file to SSH-Enabled or HTTP-Enabled server so that you can simply download it.

Login as systemshell

arkit-netapp-na::> set -privilege diagnostic

Warning: These diagnostic commands are for use by NetApp personnel only.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

arkit-netapp-na::*> systemshell -node arkit-netapp-na-01
  (system node systemshell)

diag@'s password:

Warning:  The system shell provides access to low-level
diagnostic tools that can cause irreparable damage to
the system if not used properly.  Use this environment
only when directed to do so by support personnel.


## For SSH
arkit-netapp-na-01% scp user@sshServerName:/Path/to/TCF-FILE /mroot/etc/tape_config

## For HTTP-enabled server
arkit-netapp-na-01% cd /mroot/etc/tape_config
arkit-netapp-na-01% wget http://HTTP-SERVER/Path/To/TCF-File

That’s it now try to rescan from Commvault it will detect the tape drives, or verify from Netapp storage using below command

arkit-netapp-na::> system node hardware tape drive show

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