SnapDrive Command Line Automate Cloning Operations

Snapdrive is an application which is used to manage Netapp storage disks from Windows and Linux operating systems. Using snapdrive application we can also do an automatic cloning of your production environment to Test/Development environment Or for reporting purpose also you can do that. Using Snapdrive Command Line utility.

You can Mount Snapshot Manually

But every time if you would like to mount snapshot using snapdrive that does not make sense or we may miss timings and activity some day.

Mounting snapshots can be done by few commands

SnapDrive Command Line Automate

Mount Snapshot from Live Server to current Server using Below Command

"c:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI.exe" snap mount -m <Destination Server> -r <Source Server> -k f -s <Snapshot Name> -d f

Initializing...ARKIT-SM-SQL : Checking input parameters
hecking access control
Checking policies
Turning on space reservation
Connecting to the LUN
Mounting volume on the disk
The operation completed successfully.

As shown above snapshot got mounted successfully. UN-mount snapshot using below command.

"c:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI.exe" snap unmount -m <Server Name> -d f -f

Initializing...ARKIT-SM-SQL : Checking policies
ARKIT-SM-SQL : Checking access control
Forcing the LUN to disconnect
completed successfully.

List available snapshot from remote Netapp filer using command

> SDCLI.exe snap list -sdf <STORAGE IP/NAME> -sdv <VOLUME NAME>

List Mounted snapshot disks

Mounted disk details can be found from below command

C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive>SDCLI.exe disk list
sdcli disk list

sdcli disk list

Found out igroup details, which is present in Netapp Storage system

C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive>SDCLI.exe igroup list -f <Storage System Name>

Rename existing snapshot from snapdrive command line will work like charm

sdcli snap rename [-m <MachineName>] -d <MountPoint> -o <OldSnapshotName> -n <NewSnapshotName>

Not only mounting un-mounting and listing snapshots you can do a lot of this using Netapp snapdrive application

sysconfig disk snap snapvault iscsi_initiator
iscsi_target license preferredIP spacemon igroup
spacereclaimer transport_protocol vsconfig dfm_config
oncommand_config hyperv_config smvi_config vsc_config
dataset clone_split

See existing snapdrive license details

C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive>SDCLI.exe license list
LUN Provisioning and Snapshot Copy Management

Module Name: LPSM
 License Status: Not Licensed
 License Key:
 Required Version:
 Installed Version:

All of the above operations can be done from Command line and command l interface must be open with administrator privileges other wise you get an error.

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