NetApp Cluster Mode Filer Graceful Clean Shutdown

NetApp Cluster Mode filer graceful clean shutdown because in case of anything UN-expected happens, your filer configuration will be reset, to avoid such a kind of situations. Shutdown NetApp filer with proper configuration backup is in place.

NetApp Cluster Mode Filer Graceful Clean Shutdown

Steps :

  • Take Configuration Backup
  • Stop Vservers
  • Disable Failover
  • Halt Each node in Cluster

Configuration backup options are available only in advanced privilege level, switch to advanced level and run below commands. Repeat the same for all the nodes by changing the node name and backup file name.

ARK-NA::> set advanced

Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use them only when directed to do so by NetApp personnel.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

ARK-NA::*> system configuration backup create -node ARK-NA01 -backup-type cluster -backup-name BACKUP_BEFORE_SHUTDOWN_ARK_NA01

Verify backup
ARK-NA::*> system configuration backup show
Node Backup Name Time Size
--------- ----------------------------------------- ------------------ -----
ARK-NA01 ARK-NA.8hour.2018-10-25.10_15_00.7z 10/25 10:15:00 81.52MB

Stop vserver’s

List all the vservers within cluster using below command and stop vservers

vserver show -fields vserver
vserver stop -vserver SHM-DATARPT-SVM -foreground true

Disable Failover

Failover disabling will help when you start the nodes they just start as it is do not look for other nodes takeover or giveback process.

if you have two nodes then disable HA more than two nodes disable failover

storage failover modify -node * enabled false

HALT Each Node in Netapp Cluster

To halt each node login to any one of the RLM/SP IP Address then halt other nodes from master node. Remember to halt secondary nodes first. Ring show command will give more details on node roles

cluster ring show
ARK-NA::> halt -node ARK-NA01 -inhibit-takeover true -ignore-quorum-warnings true -reason "Maintainance Activity Planned"


ARK-NA::> system node halt -node ARK-NA01 -inhibit-takeover true -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true -reason Shutdown

That’s about shutting down the Netapp Cluster mode filer and its nodes. After Bring up remember to enable failover option.

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