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Netapp Lun state Monitoring using Nagios 0

Netapp Lun State Monitoring using Nagios – Dirty Way

Monitoring Netapp LUN directly may possible using SNMP by calling OID, in different way and dirty way using shell script. Here is an way Netapp Lun state Monitoring using Nagios- Dirty Way.  Netapp Lun...

How to Delete busy snapshots 0

How To Delete Busy Snapshots From Netapp DATA ONTAP

We seen snap list of the volume, found few of the snapshots are showing as busy 1% ( 1%)   11% ( 1%)  Dec 26 08:42  snapshot_for_backup.7020 (busy,backup[1],dump) it’s holding few percentage of snapshot reserved...

Characterizing Workloads in Netapp 0

Characterizing Workloads in Netapp

Characterizing Workloads in Netapp One of the most important things when analyzing Data ONTAP performance is being able to characterizing the workload that you’re seeing. This can be done a couple of ways, but...

Storage System Maintenance 0

Storage System Maintenance – NCSA

Storage System Maintenance – NCSA – Getting storage maintenance windows is very CRITICAL task for Storage Administrators. Most of the firmware updates can be applied on the fly does not required any down time....