NFS Stale file handle Error Resolution

Observed as strange behavior for NFS Share. ” df: ‘/mnt/nfsshare’: Stale file handle ” NFS share not accessible, even not able to list the files / directories within NFS Share. NFS stale file handle Error resolution. 

NFS Stale file handle Error – How to Fix ?

Actually Stale file handle occurs when NFS server configuration changed but the same as not yet updated to remote client.

The only solution is remount the NFS file system in Client

Use below command to remount

# umount -f /mnt/nfsshare

# mount -t nfs /mnt/nfsshare

If still problem persist try to mount NFS Share with the noac option. However not recommend using noac option because of performance issue and Checking files on NFS filesystem referenced by file descriptors may lead to inconsistent result due to the lack of consistency check in kernel even if noac is used.

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