How To Delete Busy Snapshots From Netapp DATA ONTAP

We seen snap list of the volume, found few of the snapshots are showing as busy 1% ( 1%)   11% ( 1%)  Dec 26 08:42  snapshot_for_backup.7020 (busy,backup[1],dump) it’s holding few percentage of snapshot reserved space, like wise i have few in volume. Volume is getting full i can’t able to deleted the snapshots. Until i release snapshots volume usage will not come down. How to Delete busy snapshots from Netapp DATA ONTAP.

Snapshots are not deleting in any way 🙁 . If i issue snap delete it says snapshot is busy.!!

Ark-Netapp-01> snap delete -V CIFS_SHARE snapshot_for_backup.7437
Snapshot snapshot_for_backup.7437 is busy because of LUN clone, snapmirror, sync mirror, volume clone, snap restore, dump, CIFS share, volume copy, ndmp, WORM volume, SIS Clone

How to Delete Busy Snapshots

This is an big question mark when we are in pressure, production data is not going to serve if volume is full. Don’t worry verify below steps and release your snapshot.

Verify Backup status

Ark-Netapp-01> backup status

ID     State     Type  Device   Start Date   Level  Path
--  -----------  ----  ------  ------------  -----  ---------------
 0  ACTIVE       NDMP  ndmp    Jan 03 11:42    0    /vol/CIFS_SHARE/CIFS/Public
 1  ACTIVE       NDMP  ndmp    Dec 26 08:42    0    /vol/CIFS_SHARE/CIFS/Public
 2  ACTIVE       NDMP  ndmp    Dec 27 18:42    0    /vol/CIFS_SHARE/CIFS/Public
 3  ACTIVE       NDMP  ndmp    Dec 28 06:15    0    /vol/CIFS_SHARE/CIFS/Public
 4  ACTIVE       NDMP  ndmp    Dec 29 08:32    0    /vol/CIFS_SHARE/CIFS/Public
 5  ACTIVE       NDMP  ndmp    Jan 01 18:08    0    /vol/CIFS_SHARE/CIFS/Public
 6  ACTIVE       NDMP  ndmp    Jan 02 03:36    0    /vol/CIFS_SHARE/CIFS/Public

As per above output my snapshots are used by ndmp (dump), If i see from backup software non of the backups are running on NDMP Oops..!!

Let’s try to terminate the backup from Netapp Controller

Ark-Netapp-01> backup terminate 1
Cannot terminate ACTIVE dumps.

Volume does not have any LUN’s to check whether lun has dependent snapshots. Now what to do.? simple trick verify all ndmp sessions from backup software, If non of ndmp backups are running from backup software then simply execute below command to terminate all NDMP sessions from Netapp.

Check NDMP

Ark-Netapp-01> ndmpd status
ndmpd ON.
Session: 33504
  version:        4
  Operating on behalf of primary host.
  tape.device:    nrst4a
  mover state:    Paused
  data state:     Active
  data operation: Backup
Ark-Netapp-01> ndmpd killall

Now verify backup status

Ark-Netapp-01>backup status

ID     State     Type  Device   Start Date   Level  Path
--  -----------  ----  ------  ------------  -----  ---------------
 0  RESTARTABLE  NDMP          Jan 03 11:42    0    /vol/WUX_CIFS/CIFS/Public
 1  RESTARTABLE  NDMP          Dec 26 08:42    0    /vol/WUX_CIFS/CIFS/Public
 2  RESTARTABLE  NDMP          Dec 27 18:42    0    /vol/WUX_CIFS/CIFS/Public
 3  RESTARTABLE  NDMP          Dec 28 06:15    0    /vol/WUX_CIFS/CIFS/Public
 4  RESTARTABLE  NDMP          Dec 29 08:32    0    /vol/WUX_CIFS/CIFS/Public
 5  RESTARTABLE  NDMP          Jan 01 18:08    0    /vol/WUX_CIFS/CIFS/Public
 6  RESTARTABLE  NDMP          Jan 02 03:36    0    /vol/WUX_CIFS/CIFS/Public

NDMP sessions has been killed, Terminate all UN-used sessions so that busy snapshots will be released.

Ark-Netapp-01> backup terminate 1
Tue Jan 10 15:02:35 CST [Ark-Netapp-01:dump.terminate:notice]: Terminating dump(1) on /vol/CIFS_SHARE/CIFS/Public

That’s it verify your volume status. Delete Busy Snapshots

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