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Shell Scripting Training is more important now a days. Al of the Linux/Unix Administrators they just automate there regular boring stuff and stay cool and save time. Save time and spend saved time to learn something new technologies Or enjoy. 🙂 In this Article we are going to see Shell Scripting Training Hyderabad – Online Training Course Content.

Who need this Shell Scripting Training Hyderabad

  • Who is working as Linux Administrator
  • Freshers who are trying for new opportunity in Linux/Unix Platform
  • Program writers
  • Application Developers
  • Any Application Testers

What is the use of Learning Shell Scripting

  • Text Manipulation is made easy
  • Making reports and presenting it to higher Management (This is more important in all the organization, If you can present the data about your resource utilization by collecting data trends of few months. We can easily estimate future requirement before the problem occurs)
  • Get notified before server is going to face problem (by making useful monitoring scripts)
  • Automate your regular boring stuff and save time
  • Linux/Unix configuration will be done with single command (shell script)
  • Manage large number of servers from single window

What are the prerequisites to learn shell scripting

  1. Basic knowledge on Linux and Command line interface
  2. He/Her should familiar with Linux/Unix operating systems
  3. Knowing Few Basic commands will be added advantage

Training mode and Training cost

  • Online Training and Offline Training (Class room Training)
  • Cost vary from 6000 – 14000 India rupees based on the customization
  • Training duration 25 – 30 Working Days

Online Training Course Content


  • Features of Unix/Linux
  • Flavors of Linux operating systems
  • Linux Architecture
  • Linux file systems(Dir structure)


  • What is shell scripting?
  • Why to write shell script?
  • How to write shell scripts?
  • Meta data in shell scripts
  • How to Code in shell scripting
  • Executing shell script
  • Debugging shell scripts


  • Bash Shell Shortcuts
  • Command chaining
  • History command
  • How to make alias
  • Variables (System and user defined)
  • Quotes (single, double and inverted)
  • Brackets (square, flower, normal)
  • Redirect operators (input, Output, Pipe and Error)
  • Wild cards(*, ?)
  • Escape characters (/n, r etc)


  • ls, psd, cd, clear, diff, comm, cmp, cp, rm, exit, grep, mkdir, more, $PATH, mv, rmdir, sort, date, time, cat, scp, tar, man, cal, chmod, chown, crontab, echo, egrep, fgrep, free, hostname, help, find, sed, awk, vi, vim, xargs, pwd, df, kill, killall, passwd, ifconfig, whereis, whatis, uname, locate, tail, head, less, su, sudo, sqlplus, shutdown, init 0, systemctl poweroff, reboot, init 6, ssh, jobs, nohup, vmstat, wc, whoami, who, w, top, ps, ., .., !!, ##, du, ftp, telnet, mail and alias.
  • System info commands(uname command, hostname command, $SHELL, tty, who command, env)
  • Viewing files(head command, tail command, vi & vim Editors, cat command, more command, less command and pg command)
  • Simple filters (grep command, cut command and paste command)
  • Sorting & Compare (sort command, uniq command, cmp command, diff command and tr command)
  • Regular expressions (Basic, Interval and extended)
  • Advanced filters (awk and sed)
  • Find command
  • Miscellaneous commands


  • test command
  • Operators Logical Operators, Arthematic Operators,
  • eval command
  • expr command and bc command
  • $(( ))
  • &&, || statements
  • Assignment operators, Arithmetic operators, Bitwise operators and Logical operators
  • Numerical, string and file tests
  • If, if else and Nested if statements
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Untill loop
  • Case statement
  • Break, sleep, continue, exit
  • Functions

That’s it about shell scripting training hyderabad

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