How to install Puppet Master Agent RHEL 7/ Centos 7


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  1. Igor says:

    cant read the code lines..

  2. blank puppSon says:

    I followed this article exactly as mentioned, but I get following error –
    Error: Could not request certificate: Error 400 on SERVER: The environment must be purely alphanumeric, not ‘puppet-ca’
    I researched and found out that puppet server version needs to be >= puppet agent version.
    puppet server is 3.8.7
    puppet agent is 4.10.9

    How do I get puppet agent 3.8.7 or lower on Centos 7?
    yum install puppet 3.8.7 says that this version is deprecated and asks to install latest which is 4.10.9.

    How do I resolve this issue?

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