Shell Scripting course Hyderabad

Shell Scripting In Unix /Linux Training Institute in Hyderabad, Most of the Linux / Unix Administrator work like awesome to achieve assigned goals. They have a more capability to do more and more but all of us have only 24 Hours. In 24 Hours we always try hard to work and accomplish goals. 

Is this a smart way to work like 8 – 15 Hours per a day, Ha ha..!! 🙂 The smart way is to do the work within office hours and enjoy remaining time. Learn Shell Scripting to automate regular and boring stuff that’s where we get more time to do something new and also can spend time with family.

Now Happy Administrator, Happy Family..!! you want to go here. Start learning shell scripting now.

Shell Scripting course

Course Duration : 15 Hrs
Shell Scripting Course Content :-
Unix-Shell Scripting

  •  History of Linux / Unix
  • Features of Linux / Unix
  • Flavors of Linux / Unix
  • Comparison of Linux with Windows
  • Architecture of Linux
  • Linux / UNIX File System

Different types of Files

  • Regular Files and file types
  • Directory Files
  • Device Files

Basic Commands

  • pwd command
  • logname
  • who command
  • finger command
  • Date command
  • Cal Command

See this 25 Basic Linux commands

Creating Users & Groups

  • Adding groups, Adding members to groups and deleting groups
  • User Management adding and removing users

System startup and Shutdown process

  • Runlevels, Halting and shutdown Servers
  • Different Run levels / Targets
  • Different date and time formats

Working with files

  • Creating files  using cat touch and redirect
  • Copy and Move files and directories cp, mv
  • Remove / Delete files / Directories

Working with Directories

  • Creating Directories mkdir, cd, rmdir, rm –r

Standard Input and Output

  • Standard Output Redirecting output
  • Standard Input – Redirecting Input

Comparing Files

  •  cmp, diff, comm

Searching files

  • find command, locate command, which command

Zip files, archive and compress files

  • zip, gunzip and tar

Displaying files

Viewing long files

  • pg, more command, head command and tail command

File Permissions

  • chmod command, chown command, chgrp command, umask value

Meta/Wild Card-characters

  • Class, Anchors
  • Repetition, Alteration
  • Group, Dot

Regular Expressions & Patterns

  • What is pattern
  • Usage of regular expression
  • Different types of pattern
  • Character pattern
  • Word pattern
  • Line pattern

Tools for Filters

  • grep, grep with options

Flat files

  • What are delimiters and its types?
  • Reading and Writing to files

Tools for column data

Tools for sorting

  • Sort by lines, Sort by fields
  • Sort with options, uniq command

Changing information in files


  • usage of piping
  • piping with filters
  • tee command

Communication Tools

  • write, wall
  • mail, mail with options

Networking protocols

  • telnet, ftp

Disk status

  • du command,  df command with options

Job control

  • Foreground jobs, background jobs
  • Killing jobs, nohup

Process status

  • ps , ps with options and pstree

Editor Vi

  • 3 modes explanation
    1. Command mode
    2. Insert mode
    3. Ex command mode

Shell Scripting

  • What is shell scripting?
  • Importance of shell scripting
  • Different types of shells
  • Creating shell script
  • Making shell scripting executable

Shell input & output


  • What is variable
  • System defined variables
  • Environment files
  • User defined variables
  • Constant variables
  • Local & global variables
  • Special variables


  • Arithmetic variables
  • Relational numeric operators
  • Logical operators
  • Assignment operators

Conditional statements

  • if, if….else
  • if, elif
  • case


  • while, until, for
  • break, continue
  • File test commands
  • String test commands
  • exit & sleep commands
  • Command line arguments
  • Usage of COA
  • What is $0, S#, $*, $@, $? , $$

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