paste command with 10 practical examples


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  1. Farista Singh says:

    very good explanation…

  2. blank Vinod says:

    Dear Sir

    thank you for uploading these various important information about linux & other topics . you are doing a great job i really appreciate oyur efforts as a learner your website is a very good medium to learn linux a to z course thank you for creating this awesome website


  3. blank Vinod says:

    Now i have various question in mind i would like to know which Ubuntu operating system version is mostly used in companies & whenever i am going any link it gives me many version like desktop Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS & Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS & Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS( in this it gives me like desktop version & server option so can you tell me that which option should i go for to download or else you can share me any link from where i can download the server version &
    second question is that in centos the same information is asking whenever i willing to download the centos also like many version with desktop & server also please share the link ASAP.
    third question is that how much RAM should i assign to these operating system in vmware

    • Any Version you can use, it depend upon the requirement which application your going to install and configure. Basic RAM requirement is 2GB, you can give more than 2GB its again depends on type of application and its usage.

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