RHEL 6 vs RHEL 7 Difference Between Previous and Newer Version


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  1. rajesh says:

    I thing there is some features mentioned in rhel6 instead of rhel7…. boot time, filesystem size and processor architecture

  2. blank OMS says:

    This shows awesome difference 🙂 I appreciate your efforts.

  3. blank Raghu says:

    Nice but I want to know how to extract and tar

  4. blank Hitender Pal Singh says:

    seems mistakenly KDE Version, Default Database & Bootloader has been swapped & it needs to be corrected.

  5. blank Chetan says:

    In the above table looks like the Default DB name has got interchanged

    Default Database MariaDB MySQL

  6. blank karthikeyan says:

    Boot Loader
    Grub 2 /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
    Grub 0.97 /boot/grub/grub.conf

    interchange the above mentioned ……..you are wrongly mentioned

  7. blank sangeethkumar says:

    its very useful to me. thanks ark

  8. blank Sachin Patil says:

    Nice Information ARK….it will be very useful.

  9. blank Mukesh says:

    You job is awesome

  10. blank prafulla says:

    Nice. This is very useful for us.

  11. blank ruby singh says:

    really it’s very useful for us and thank’s a lot

  12. blank nikunj says:

    ak no hai bhai

  13. blank manoj singh says:

    very good knowledge about 6rhel vs 7rhel

  14. blank manoj singh says:

    very good knowledge about 6rhel vs 7rhel

  15. blank Surinder Sangral says:


  16. blank Ravinder Dangi says:

    There is a spelling mistake in Filesystem check ” xfs_replair”…it will be xfs_repair

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