14 SIEM Tools Security Information and Event Management Tools

What is SIEM.? – Security Information and Event Management, which means collecting Events and information from multiple devices, multiple types of information. But collecting multiple types of logs from multiple devices may not help until and unless, there is an correlation in between them. Of course manually correlating events and logs are horrible, time taking process. 12 SIEM tools will help in collecting and correlating information using complex algorithms. Let’s see 14 SIEM Tools Security Information and Event Management Tools.

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1. QRadar SIEM Tools

Qradar is the No 1 SIEM tool which will provide real-time visibility of your entire environment by detecting and prioritizing things. It has Effective threat intelligence to monitor user activity.

On-Premises and cloud environment appliances are available. It supports multi vendor product integration easily.

2. AlienVault – Security Information and Event Management Tools

Alienvault is a opensource solution to manage cyber attacks.  Assets are treated based asset priority value. Nagios Core is used inside the Alienvault for services and asset availability monitoring.

  • SIEM and Log Management
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessment

3. ArcSight

Arcsight is an HP company found in 2000. It provides comprehensive security information and event management solution that interfiles and prioritize threats in real time.

  • Data Enrichment
  • Categorization and normalization
  • Powerful real time log correlation
  • Forensic identification an event
  • Out-of-box security cases
  • Workflow automation to save time and identify appropriate

4. LogLogic MX

Is a technology company that specializes in Security Management, Compliance Reporting, and IT Operations products. LogLogic developed the first appliance-based log management platform. LogLogic’s Log Management platform collects and correlates user activity and event data. LogLogic’s products are used by many of the world’s largest enterprises to rapidly identify and alert on compliance violations, policy breaches, cyber attacks, and insider threats.

5. LogRhythm

The security intelligence company which provides tomorrow’s SOC’s features. Your team has alarm fatigue. Intrusions are being missed. A data breach could be next. Knowing what to investigate—and doing so quickly—is imperative.  From detection through response, our SIEM was built for speed. Go faster with LogRhythm.

  • Identify Advanced Threats
  • Prioritize risks
  • search unstructured data using powerful search algorithm
  • Pre-packaged threat detection and compliance modules help you to accelerate adoption and use of advanced security analytics 
  • Automate incident response

6. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

Powerful security information and event management (SIEM) solution brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and compliance reporting—delivering the context required for adaptive security risk management.

  • Advanced threat intelligence
  • Critical facts in minutes, not hours
  • Optimize security operations

7. TrustWave SIEM

As IT infrastructure becomes more distributed and vulnerable to attack, security information and event management (SIEM) technology becomes more essential for real-time alerting, analysis and auditing. Trustwave SIEM Enterprise provides the critical insight and information needed for organizations to proactively respond and manage security risk and compliance in easy-to-understand ways.

  • Advanced correlation and threat management assessment
  • Real-time control monitoring, compliance reporting, automated compliance alerting, notification and scheduling capabilities ensure your organization stays ahead of the threat curve.
  • Deep forensics
  • Big Data, Highly scalable, distributed architecture
  • Friendly product
  • More than 600 compliance-focused reports, with more than 2,600 overall reports, are available.
  • Simply large and complex deployment

8. Correlog Correlation Server

CorreLog’s solutions and services are designed for maximum interoperability, flexibility, and scalability. CorreLog has the capability to work either independently of, or alongside, other SIEM technology to improve threat management and incident response capabilities. We leverage your existing infrastructure, and processes to return the fastest and best return on your existing investments. Correlog offers a wide range of deployment options, including multi-tiered and/or highly centralized or decentralized environments, or any combination thereof. Correlog offers data security managers a rapid and scalable solution to accommodate virtually any iteration and combination of environment architectures or existing SIEM solutions or applications. In sum, Correlog’s COTS software offers an existing and immediate approach to address the risk of inadequate or cumbersome threat detection and management, thereby avoiding costly, untested, or unnecessary delays associated with designing to be developed solutions.  security information and event management tools

9. Prism MicroSystems EventTracker

Prism Microsystems, Inc. develops business-critical solutions to consolidate, correlate, and detect changes that impact the performance, availability, and security of information technology infrastructures. It offers security information and event management (SIEM) solutions which combines real-time log management with change monitoring and USB tracking to defend IT assets from cyber-attacks. The company also provides EventTracker HoneyNet, a managed security service that enables enterprises to add a deception network layer to its cybersecurity defenses. It serves government, financial services, retail, and healthcare sectors.  14 SIEM Tools

10. GFI Software GFI EventManager

Monitor, manage and secure your network with our award-winning products. Boost your IT security by fixing network vulnerabilities and installing missing patches; enhance web security and web protection; and ensure proper malware protection.

  • Proactive approach to network security
  • Productivity and Management
  • Monitoring and consolidation of system event logs, data access control and IT infrastructure monitoring.

11. NetIQ Sentinel

Sentinel™ Enterprise is a full-featured Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that simplifies the deployment, management and day-to-day use of SIEM, readily adapts to dynamic enterprise environments and delivers the true “actionable intelligence” security professionals need to quickly understand their threat posture and prioritize response.

  • Simplified filtering, searching and reporting
  • Anomaly detection
  • Automate threat discovery
  • Remediate threats before they generate damage
  • Greater visibility into user activities
  • Log management for simplified compliance and security

12. Solarwinds Logs Event Manager

Out of the box rules and reports make it easy to meet industry compliance requirements 14 SIEM Tools

  • Node Based Licensing  such as servers and network devices
  • Real-Time event correlation, cross platform event processing
  • search log data made easy
  • Real-Time remediation
  • Filer Integrity Monitoring
  • High Data compression

13. Tenable Network Security Log Correlation Engine

Discover how next-generation vulnerability management can help you see and understand assets and threats never visible before.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Pre-Built, Highly customization reporting and dashboards
  • Dynamic group assets based on policies to obtain real-time view
  • Pre-defined checks against industry standards and regulatory mandates, such as CIS benchmarks, DISA STIG, FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SCAP and more
  • Utilize intelligent connectors to integrate with leading solutions in patch management

14. Tripwire Log center

Understand suspicious behavior with superior log intelligence. Accurate. Fast. Thorough.

  • Address security incidents swiftly and share information across business units and departments
  • Tripwire Log Center normalizes data from servers, security and network devices
  • Secure and Reliable log collection

14 SIEM Tools – Security Information and Event Management Tools

Conclusion: All above tools are not enterprise SIEM Tools. 14 SIEM Tools

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