nagios tutorial

 Nagios Core and Nagios XI


Preparing Linux Server for Monitoring Tool Installation

core 4.0.4 installation guide in centos 6.2

Monitoring Netapp filers using

Monitoring Linux using SNMP

Generate host and service configuration files just in 1 min

Core 4.1.1 Installation in RHEL 7 / Centos 7

NSClient++ Installation and configuration in windows

NRPE installation and configuration in Linux Machine

Before Adding Hosts to Monitoring we have to do this steps

Using the Web interface

About SNMP and enabling SNMP in Linux, Network devices and Windows

Adding Linux host into monitoring

Adding Windows Host into monitoring

Create User for web interface login

Provide permissions to Users / Groups

Creating contact and contact groups

Creating host groups and adding hosts to hostgroups

Creating Service Groups and adding services to servicegroups

Creating Host Template

Creating Service Template

Scheduling host and service downtime

understanding alerts

Beatifying web interface

Implementing service escalations

Installing and configuring the pnp4nagios (Graph Service)

Installing and configuring the Nagvis

Creating and managing Nagvis Virtual Maps

Configuring Time Periods

Download Plugins

Generating reports

Script for Daily Hosts down list in a Network

Monitoring SQL Databases

Monitoring network printers

Monitoring Exchange mail boxes

Monitoring SAN & NAS Devices (Netapp and EMC)

Monitoring ESX servers