Nagios Implementation Guide for Beginners

Nagios is an Enterprise Monitoring tool for Server and its component monitoring. If you can think about implementing Monitoring tool Nagios is the best one. Why I am saying it is an Best tool because you can monitor anything and everything. You required to have simple scripting knowledge you can customize as you want.

Nagios Core Implementation Guide For Beginners

Very first step is to Preparing Linux Server for Monitoring Tool Installation because based on the Linux version you installed it will work differently (Performance)

Nagios Core Installation guide for RHEL 7 / Centos 7

Monitoring Netapp Cluster Mode filers

Monitoring Linux using SNMP

Generate Configuration Files with Required Hosts and Services Definitions

NSClient++ Installation and configuration in windows  Open 5666/5667/5668 and 12489 port numbers from windows client machine to Nagios Server to communicate and monitor

NRPE installation and configuration in Linux Machine

Before Adding Hosts to Monitoring we have to setup, Host Groups, Service groups, contacts and Contact Groups. Time Periods, Escalation Levels because while configuring simply apply all of these configurations within Host / Service Definition.

About SNMP and enabling SNMP in Linux, Network devices and Windows

Adding Linux host into monitoring

Adding Windows Host into monitoring

Create User for web interface login

Nagios Implementation Guide for Beginners

Provide permissions to Users / Groups

Hosts and Hosts Groups Creating and Adding Hosts

Creating contact and contact groups

Gathering Contacts and Contact Group Information from Configuration Files

Creating Service Groups and adding services to service-groups

How to Change Nagios Admin Password

Nagios XI Not Fully Functional

Installing and configuring the pnp4nagios (Graph Service)

Monitoring RAID Controller

Nagios Interview Questions and Answers

Installing and configuring the Nagvis

Creating and managing Nagvis Virtual Maps

Configuring Time Periods

Download Plugins

Generating reports

Script for Daily Hosts down list in a Network

Monitoring SQL Databases

Monitoring network printers

Monitoring Exchange mail boxes

Monitoring SAN & NAS Devices (Netapp and EMC)

Monitoring ESX servers

Netapp Lun Status Monitoring the Dirty way to do it

Nagios Implementation Guide for Beginners

Windows Time Sync Status

Crontab Execution Status Monitoring