Nagios core Installation in RHEL7 / Centos 7 Step by Step Guide


Ankam Ravi Kumar

Working as Linux / Storage Administrator L3. Interested in sharing the knowledge.

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  1. blank Shiva says:

    very intrest and easy to Learn ..

  2. blank Subrata says:

    Document is very good and step by step . please provide document for windows & linux client monitoring.

  3. blank Nabendu Dutta says:

    How to save nagios trend report in a excel file

  4. blank srinivas says:

    hi..nice post…pls share nagios monitoring tool for windows

  5. blank rajesh.s says:

    Hi Team,

    i’m getting error in 5th do i pass this step.


  6. blank muni krishna says:

    send monitoring tool for linux in video format link to

  7. blank Saurabh says:

    Enabling module cgi.
    To activate the new configuration, you need to run:
    service apache2 restart
    Prerequisites installed OK
    Running ‘./2-usersgroups’…
    Adding users and groups…
    groupadd: group ‘nagios’ already exists
    Users and groups added OK
    Running ‘./3-dbservers’…
    MySQL installed OK – continuing…
    Starting MySQL…
    stop: Unknown job: mysql
    start: Unknown job: mysql
    ERROR: MySQL failed to start – exiting.

    Installation step failed – exiting.
    Check for error messages in the install log (install.log).

    If you require assistance in resolving the issue, please include install.log
    in your communications with Nagios XI technical support.

    The script that failed was: ‘./3-dbservers’
    root@ergode-mu-114:~/nagiosxi# cd /install.log
    bash: cd: /install.log: No such file or directory

    i was trying to install in ubuntu, but get this error. what should i do ?

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