Nagios Core Create ServiceGroups configure ServiceGroups

Nagios core is an open source enterprise monitoring tool, monitor your entire environment. Multiple types of devices, operating systems, network devices and sensors, data center devices. If your monitoring a huge environment you can’t see all the services in on screen of course it’s not possible, but you can make important services as a group simple monitor them in single screen. Nagios Core Create Servicegroups configure servicegroups.

Service Groups Advantages

  • Know your important services as group
  • Monitor all required services in one screen
  • One Service can be added to multiple service groups
  • Enable and Disable service related alerts, with single click.
  • Quick way to schedule service down time

Nagios Core Create Servicegroups & configure ServiceGroups

Create new configuration file and add below config lines to configure service group in Nagios Core.

[root@Arkit-Nagios ~]# vi /usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/netappcpuload.cfg
define servicegroup{
        servicegroup_name       NetappFilers_CPU Load
        alias                   Netapp Filers CPU Load Status
        members NETAPP-01,CPU Load,NETAPP-02,CPU Load


Service name should match exactly as like in service monitoring definition.

Conclusion: Nagios Service Groups are used to monitoring all important services together.

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