Monitoring RAID controller using Nagios

Ankam Ravi Kumar

Working as Linux / Storage Administrator L3. Interested in sharing the knowledge.

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  1. vinod says:

    Hi Ravi

    can you tell me this nagios tool can also scan and monitor viruses as well in systems,servers

    • ARK says:

      Nagios tool does not directly have an capability to scan viruses and send an alert, but you can implement an script which should check for virus. the same script you call from nagios so that Nagios will send an alert when your script find any related state. CRITICAL, WARNING, OK.

  2. blank Santosh says:

    Hi ARK,
    I have installed nagios core 4 on fedora 26.
    I want to monitor ESX server.
    Could you please help me with detailed steps as i am new to nagios.

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