IBM SAN Tutorial – Storage Admins are most CRITICAL Resource

IBM SAN Tutorial – Storage Administrator are the most expensive and CRITICAL resource for the company because most of the applications/Servers are dependent on SAN. There are different SAN Vendors available in the market but IBM SAN is the most popular and senior in it’s technology. IBM has it’s own manufacturing from last decades.

IBM SAN Tutorial

Any SAN Administrator should first learn about Networking and it’s protocols. SAN Switch and it’s protocols basic stuff like how SAN switch works. 

To Makes you understand SAN Switch Basics

Storage Area Netwotk Advantages and Disadvantages

There is an IBM SAN Model is V7000, As we are saying IBM is the most popular and leader in it’s SAN Technology but it also as a few limitations in v7000 model.

IBM V7000 SAN Limitations

A bitmap space is an internal data structure stored in a particular I/O Group and that is used to track which grains are there in FlashCopy mappings have been copied from source volume to the target volume (i.e, which grains have been – split). One bit in each bitmap tells that the state of one grain, and either the bitmap is split or it is not.

How to Manage Bitmap Space IBM V7000

A volume is a logical disk that the system presents to attach hosts. In this article we are going to learn IBM v7000 Volume types explained SAN admins should Know.

Application servers access volumes, not MDisks or drives. To keep a volume accessible even when an MDisk on which it depends has become unavailable, a mirrored copy can be added to a selected volume. Each volume can have a maximum of two copies. Each volume copy is created from a set of extents in a pool.

Volume Types in SAN

Here we are giving you an good article how to replace the node canister in IBM V7000 Storage Ultimate Guide. Ofcourse if we directly talk about canister replacement then you may miss the link what it is exactly. Canister is nothing but controller in other SAN terminology. If you take a example of NetApp Storage the main Filer / Controller in IBM SAN they call it as Canister.

How to Replace Node Canister IBM

Backup is the most important component in Storage Area Network

How To Download Configuration Backup IBM V7000 Storage

Storage Expansion Canister Overview

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