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Learning Netapp cluster mode is starts here. The very first we have to see cluster mode top commands. To navigate to different directory and commands with in Netapp Cluster mode Command line interface.

In this article we are going to see basic commands of Netapp Cluster mode cd, top, up, set, redo and man usage explanation.

Cluster Mode Top Commands – CD Command

The cd command changes the current working directory of the command prompt to the
directory you specify. Using this command with value “….” will change the directory path to the mentioned value.

cd command - Tech Tutorials by ARK

cd "storage aggregate"

if you observe above screenshot i have changed the directory path to “volume snapshot”. Using this command we can change the directory path any level directly.

TOP and UP Command

The top command changes the current working directory of the command prompt to the top-level command directory

The UP command will change the current directory to up one level, if you mention (..) it will go two level up in hierarchy.

top command - Tech Tutorials by ARK

SET Command

using set command you can change the privilege level of access.

  • admin – Used for routine system management commands
  • advanced – Used for infrequent, dangerous, or complicated commands
  • diagnostic – Used for detailed diagnostic commands that are used only by support personnel
set -privilege advanced
set -privilege admin

set command - Tech Tutorials by ARK

REDO and MAN Command

redo command will execute the previously executed command without typing total command

redo command - Tech Tutorials by ARK

man command will give the command usage and its options with details

man command - Tech Tutorials by ARK

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