How to Access Windows 7 Shared folder in Ubuntu

A Common goal of setting computers on a local network is being able to share files and folders. In order for file sharing to work, the computer must exist on the same network. Then, the computer sharing files must have a folder configured with on your windows machine and access them from Ubuntu via your home network. How to Access Windows 7 Shared folder in Ubuntu

Access Windows 7 Shared folder in Ubuntu

  1. Now Create a folder in Windows machine


2. Share the created folder using folder properties


right click on folder and click on properties

Add Everyone in the share permission

in properties popup, click on sharing tab, click on share button

add the user permissions, then click on share

Now go to your ubuntu machine

  1. open home folder (any other folder)
  2. Goto file -> click on “Connect to Server”
  3. type your Windows Machine IP with smb protocol  smb://
  4. click connect
  5. Provide User Name: , Domain Name and password of windows user

That’s it…!! your in.

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