Nagios Core Terminology – Nagios Certified Professional

Nagios Core terminology to know all the words used in Nagios certified professional course.

  • Plugins: Which is external programs that can consist of either a script or compiled executable.
  • Host: Is a server or any network device which you want monitor.
  • Service: Is any metric. (Ex: CPU, Memory Usage)
  • Users: Who has access to web interface
  • Contacts: Individual administrator or end-user (Ex: Email-Id or Phone number)
  • Contact Groups: Grouping contacts together (Ex: All Linux administrators into single group)
  • Acknowledgement: Temporarily suppress alert notifications
  • Downtime: Planned activity (Ex: Upgrading software, host hardware replacement & Etc..)
  • Latency: Difference between scheduled to run and when it does actually run.
  • State: SOFT and HARD to avoid false positive alerts.
  • Agent: Usually daemons or services that must be places on the client to listen for connection coming from the Nagios Server.
  • Host Groups: Grouping the hosts (Ex: US_Hosts, Oracle_Servers, Windows_Servers)
  • Service Groups: Grouping multiple services (similar). (Ex: Web_Services, CPU_Load, Memory_Usage)

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