Nagios Core Graphs Showing Incorrect Time – Resolved

We are using Nagios Core for Monitoring our entire environment which consist of Windows/Linux/MAC/Unix and Storage Devices. Recently i observed an error in pnp4nagios graphs after changing Nagios server timezone.  Nagios Core Graphs showing Incorrect Time.

Nagios Core graph timings showing wrong

Nagios Core graph timings showing wrong

As shown in above picture One entry is showing like 8 Hours and another is showing like 21 Hours. I thought maybe correct due to format change like 24 hours and 12 hours but morning 8 hours is not considered as 20 Hours or 21 Hours. Completely wrong data showing. 

Basically i thought its an timezone difference (Example: Malaysia (MYT) – India Standard Time (IST) but not matching. 

Resolution Nagios Core Graphs Showing Incorrect Time

Step1: Check Current Server time and match with timezone. Note (Keep Ready) Timezone name.

Step2: You know PNP4Nagios will run/depend on PHP. Go to /etc/php.ini PHP configuration file and find the string name called date.timezone un-comment it and add your timezone.

# vi /etc/php.ini

; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
 date.timezone = Australia/Brisbane <-- mention timezone


Step3: Now you need to restart Web Services and check the graphs

# service httpd restart


# systemctl restart httpd.service


Hurray.!! Issue resolved and Nagios Core Graphs Showing Incorrect –> Correct Time. Looks to be simple but simple trick/tweak can’t be an ready made solution. After this article it is ready made solution for you. 

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