EMC Storage Monitoring Using Nagios Monitoring Tool

Monitoring EMC VNXe, VMAX, EMC clarion file and block boxes using Nagios required Unisphere CLI RPM. In this article i am going to show you How to EMC Storage Monitoring Using Nagios.

EMC Storage Monitoring Using Nagios

Download EMC Unisphere cli RPM and install using rpm command

$ rpm -ivh UnisphereCLI-Linux-64-x86-en_US-

Now change directory path to /opt

 ~]$ cd /opt/emc/uemcli-
 bin]$ ls
setlevel.log setlevel.sh uemcli uemcli.sh

Execute below command as shown if command is successful then go to Nagios Exchange Page and Download check_vnxe.sh file and try

bin]$ uemcli -d -u Local/admin -p Password /env/ps show
Storage system address:
Storage system port: 443
HTTPS connection

Remote certificate:
Issuer: CN=ARK-VNXe
Subject: CN=ARK-VNXe
Valid from: 2016-09-09 06:05:53 Z
Valid to: 2019-09-09 06:05:53 Z
Serial: 00b9d13cb3203cff7
Id: 0236755584
Would you like to:
 [1] Accept the certificate for this session
 [2] Reject the certificate
 [3] Accept and store
Please input your selection (The default selection is [1]): 3
1: ID = POW_DPE_0_0
 Enclosure = DPE_0
 SP =
 Slot = 0
 Health state = OK (5)

2: ID = POW_DAE_1_0
 Enclosure = DAE_1
 SP =
 Slot = 0
 Health state = OK (5)

3: ID = POW_DPE_0_1
 Enclosure = DPE_0
 SP =
 Slot = 1
 Health state = OK (5)

4: ID = POW_DAE_1_1
 Enclosure = DAE_1
 SP =
 Slot = 1
 Health state = OK (5)

Check Plugin VNXe is working as expected

if your getting proper reply as shown below then plugin is working fine. Now to back to Nagios configuration and create command.

[Ravi@Ark-Nagios ~]$ ./check_vnxe.sh admin Password mm
OK - no faults detected
[Ravi@Ark-Nagios ~]$ ./check_vnxe.sh
./check_vnxe.sh [Host] [User] [Password] [Check Command]

Available Check Commands:
ssd - Checks all ssd components.
ps - Checks all power supplies.
iomodule - Checks all iomodules.
dae - Checks all daes.
lcc - Checks all lccs.
sp - Checks all storage processors.
dpe - Checks all dpes.
disk - Checks all disks.
mm - Checks all memory modules.
ccard - Checks all ccard modules.
bat - Checks all batteries.
general - Overall health check from /sys/general.

Define Command in Nagios

edit /usr/local/nagios/etc/commands.cfg file and add below mentioned command

define command {
 command_name check_vnxe
 command_line $USER1$/check_vnxe.sh $ARG1$ $ARG2$ $ARG3$ $ARG4$

Note: Before defining service checks you have to add nagios users to sudoers access so that Nagios user can run checks using sudo command.

without using sudo access this plugin won’t work properly

Service Definition

define service {
 host_name Ark-EMC01
 service_description DPE Status
 use snmp-service
 check_command check_vnxe!!!!dpe!!!!
 max_check_attempts 5
 check_interval 5
 retry_interval 1
 check_period 24x7
 notification_interval 0
 notification_period 24x7
 contacts nagiosadmin
 contact_groups Serveradmins
 register 0

likewise define all other services and monitor EMC storage monitoring using Nagios.

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