35 Amazing Server Performance Monitoring Tools List You Ever Get

We have collected list 35 Amazing Server Performance Monitoring Tools List you ever get. These tools are used by thousands of companies all over the world. This list of tools may help full for you to select one of them for your environment. Search for so many websites and asking more and more people for the monitoring tools names and selecting best out of all is difficult, we hope this article may help you in finding the correct one.

35 Amazing Server Performance Monitoring Tools List

1. Nagios and Nagios XI Monitoring Tool

Nagios is an OpenSource Enterprise Monitoring tool, Most of the big organization turning to use Nagios as a Server Monitoring /Network Monitoring tool. Nagios will support Agent-based and Agentless Monitoring.

  • Powerful Monitoring Engine
  • Create and Manage Host Monitoring from Web interface
  • Advanced Graphing mechanism
  • Integration with LDAP authentication is supported.
  • Simple and easy way to add devices in monitoring using wizards.

2. AppDynamics

AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring tool which provides complex applications to identify and resolve performance issues.

  • Application performance Monitoring
  • Monitor and Optimize applications to deliver with high user experience
  • Nice reports to understand health and performance of application

3. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine simplifies IT management with software solutions easy to use, Easy to deploy and Easy to manage.

  • All Monitoring in one console for more visibility
  • Application Server Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • virtualization Environment Monitoring
  • ERP monitoring

ManageEngine has so many applications to monitor your environment

4. AppNeta

Proactive performance Monitoring tool for application, network and cloud-based devices.

  • SaaS Application Monitoring to understand and troubleshoot performance issues
  • End-User Monitoring experience
  • Network Latency Monitoring
  • Network path Monitoring

5. Bigpanda

Bigpanda is a technology company, the product is used to correlation. Centralize all IT related alerts and categorize them based on the criticality. 

  • Automated Alert correlation of Network and infrastructure alerts
  • Automated Incident Management
  • Automated Ticket openings
  • Single Screen to see all alerts in one place

6. Cacti

Cacti is a completely open source Network Monitoring tool and unlimited graphs, graphics.

  • RRDTOOL is used to store graph data, Data can also be manipulated CDEF
  • Easy templates to deploy and configure Monitoring devices
  • User Management to provide access
  • Data import to different formats is inbuilt like .csv, PDF

7. Boundary

Boundary is an Application Performance Monitoring Tool.

  • Software as a service Model Performance Monitoring Tool
  • Cloud Based application monitoring
  • Easily Monitor any cloud based OS or Software
  • Plugin to DevOps tools

8. CopperEgg

CopperEgg is a Cloud Based Application to monitor Cloud-based applications and services. Software as a service.

  • Best for AWS EC2 instance Monitoring 
  • Add multiple AWS accounts monitoring
  • Easy to understand metric information
  • Web app performance monitoring

9. OpenNMS

OpenNMS is an Open Source Network performance monitoring tool. A tool as many awards in a market as the best product.

  • Detect Service Outages and Measure latency graphing and threshold
  • Easy performance monitoring tool
  • Agentless Network / Server Monitoring using SNMP
  • Integration made easy with other applications
  • SNMP traps and Syslog messages correlation and high-level alarm workflows

10. DataDog

DataDog is a SaaS to monitoring and correlation multiple monitoring application such as Splunk, almost all the application integrations

  • Real time Dashboards
  • Correlation of metrics and events
  • Collaboration easy to write comment actually what you observed, what you did
  • Get Alerted to CRITICAL events
  • Best API’s to integrate any application logs and events

11. Dynatrace

Dynatrace digital experience monitoring combines real user monitoring, synthetic checks, mobile app monitoring, and big data analytics to provide full insights into each customer’s digital experience.

  • Deliver High Quality Application performance 
  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • Detection of problem before it occurs 
  • Simply discover and visualize your application topology

12. Gear5

Gear5 is a Website performance monitoring tool which gives real users monitoring. Real time monitoring. 

  • Real-Time Monitoring of website users
  • Performance Related Alerts
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Easy to get segregated reports like country users and browsers used

13. Anturis

Anturis will support Server Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Software Monitoring, Website Monitoring and reporting management.

  • This software support on-premise and cloud based monitoring
  • It will Support Agent-Based and Agentless monitoring
  • Single WebUI to monitor all alerts
  • Performance related issues tracking, ultimate reports to analyze problems

14. Instrumental

Instrumental is a Real-Time application monitoring tool, which will be perfect for small and medium range business. 

  • High Correlation rules 
  • Full stack monitoring
  • Built into Share
  • Intelligent Alerts

15. LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is an Saas Based Monitoring tool, We can Monitor anything using this tool.

  • Automated Deployment
  • Pre-configured for on-premise
  • Full Monitoring support you can monitor anything and everything
  • Sent alerts only to appropriate people

16. Munin

Munin is a Free and Open Source Monitoring tool for Servers and Network Monitoring. Infrastructure and Software application Monitoring also it will support.

  • Data will be stored in RRDTool
  • Monitor Computers, Network, SAN’s Applications and Weather measurements

17. New Relic

Using New Relic Application Performance Monitoring is made very easy, It can Monitor Docker containers, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Better Monitoring for Better Customer Experiences.

18. Ruxit

Dynatrace Ruxit is SaaS application monitoring and analytics for cloud natives. Dynatrace Ruxit doesn’t just give alerts, it provides answers to why your application isn’t performing. Better still, it gives you total visibility into all dimensions of your application; from end-user to application deep dive to the network.

Application Performance, Application Analytics, Application Monitoring, APM, Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Java Monitoring, .NET Monitoring, Cloud Monitoring, Docker Monitoring, VMware Monitoring, Node.js Monitoring, Web Monitoring, PHP Monitoring

19. Scoutapp

Scoutapp is a Rails App Monitoring that tracks down memory leaks, Code slow execution, Power Integration with github and automatic Dependency check. Opening hours

Drill down the report to any micro level to get appropriate details. Complete tool as been build on ruby Rails.

20. Sematext

Proactive performance monitoring, anomaly detection and alerting solution available in the Cloud and On Premises for Solr, Elasticsearch, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, Storm, Docker, CoreOS, Custom Metrics, Business KPIs, and many other technologies. 35 amazing server performance monitoring tools

21. Solarwinds

Solarwinds also have Monitoring tool for Networking devices, Server Monitoring and Application Monitoring. Fully agentless Monitoring and great Web UI.

  • Price is Little bit high compare to Open source tools
  • Excellent Web UI
  • Ultimate Reports
  • Deep digging of problem which gives more and more narrow down problem to get solution easily

22. Stackify

Improve your application from Dev to Prod. Stackify Application Monitoring tool based on SaaS which support many cloud based application monitoring.

23. Whatsupgold

Whatsup Gold is an aimed to designed for Networking monitoring, The Best UX to pinpoint the failed devices on single screen.

24. Bluestrip

BlueStripe provides next generation Transaction Monitoring solution connects transactions, applications, and infrastructure performance within one product called FactFinder. Using real-time dynamic transaction system maps, FactFinder alerts IT Operations and Support teams to potential problems; and quickly isolates where and why transactions get stuck wherever they go – across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.

BlueStripe is Acquired by Microsoft

25. CA Technologies

Deliver reliable and agile IT services through a unified monitoring and management solution.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management balances the simplicity associated with IT point solutions with enterprise scalability and multi-tenancy. This unified IT monitoring solution eliminates the need for disparate monitoring solutions, helping you to optimize operational efficiency while reducing the complexity, cost and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple IT monitoring tools.

  • Ease to Deploy
  • Ease to Manage
  • Inteligent and Productive Alerting

26. Riverbed

Leverage application performance management and monitoring to gain real-time visibility into the end-user experience, infrastructure and applications. Diagnose application performance problems down to the offending code, SQL, web service, network, or system resource.

  • End to End Performance Monitoring
  • Application troubleshooting Minimize errors and risks
  • Application and it’s component monitoring

27. Icinga

Icinga is an complete Open Source project to Monitor Server Performance and Network devices. It will monitor and send an alerts to users. Scalable and extensible, Icinga 2 can monitor large, complex environments across multiple locations.

28. Zabbix

Zabbix is an ultimate enterprise monitoring tools to monitor real time performance. Zabbix will come as free of cost.

  • Monitor Everything in your environment using zabbix
  • True Open Source 
  • Capacity planning to avoid sudden surprise. 35 amazing server performance monitoring tools

29. Monit

Monit is an small opensource monitoring tool, which gives ultimate proactive monitoring. Using Monit we can monitor apps, files, directories and hosts.

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Files, Directories and File System Monitoring
  • System Processes Monitoring
  • Could Hosts Monitoring
  • Programs and scripts to Monitor

30. Sealion

Sealion is an Monitoring tool which is small and very effective for bird eye view ad raw command output. Cost is very low.

31. Site24x7

Site24x7 is an Monitoring tools for Web Server, Server Monitoring, Network devices and application performance monitoring as well.

This tool provides deep insights of website data, user access data and analytics.

32. ServerDensity

Server Density is an Trusted Monitoring Tool Build by Experts, Which as more than 60 App integrations to deploy monitoring in your environment. Automatic deployment. Full API to support web integration.

33. Team City

teamcity Server Monitoring Plugin is available with multiple options.


  • Focus teams on key performance metrics with a highly visible dashboard powered by TeamCity
  • Clear visualizations make metrics and current targets easy-to-understand and actionable for everybody
  • Drag-and-drop interface makes building and editing live TV dashboards quick and simple
  • Combine metrics from other tools into a great-looking dashboard using 60+ pre-built integrations, or from any other source using our API

34. Total Network Monitoring Tool

Total Network Monitor 2 is a network monitoring tool that is designed to continuously monitor your local network, individual computers, and services that require careful attention and thorough control. TNM 2 will alert you of any problem encountered in advance and generate a detailed report on the circumstances of the failure.

35. TeamQuest

Performance Monitor made ultimately reduced noise fewer exact performance alerts, Faster performance alerts and faster time to resolution. 

  • Use a simple IT health score that represents the current health of IT services
  • Use automated algorithms that analyze mountains of data for you
  • Know where to focus your attention
  • Monitor and analyze performance of multi-vendor environments

36. Montis Monitoring Tool

Affordable. Powerful. Get Started in Minutes, Montis is an Performance Monitoring tool, which makes life easier. Do bother about the problem just deploy Montis and feel relaxed.

  • Aviod Profit Killing Problems in production environment
  • Identify issue before it occurs
  • No More noise just get only what your want.

37. Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is an Enterprise monitoring tool, On premise Monitoring software. Pandora support Servers, Network Devices and Application Monitoring. The Great feature about pandora is Business Activity Monitoring.

  • Server Level Monitoring
  • Application Level Monitoring
  • Business Activity Management


All above are Server and Application Performance Monitoring Tools, All are having there own features to monitor and resolve issues.

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35 amazing server performance monitoring tools 35 amazing server performance monitoring tools 35 amazing server performance monitoring tools 


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