Netapp Qtree Explained in Detailed What is Qtree in Netapp

Netapp Qtree is partition of the volume, same like unix directory. Using qtree we can apply quota management to disk space usage.

  • A qtree is similar like Directory
  • Using quota we can limit the qtree size.
  • Qtree represents the third level partitioned in the storage, Because aggregate conatin volumes and the volumes resides qtree.
  • Qtree have its own security style like NTFS, UNIX and MIXED

Creating Netapp qtree

creating an qtree is an very easy process use below command to create

Netapp01>qtree create testingqtree

Verify Qtree

verify the qtree using below command

Netapp01>qtree status

Rename Qtree

Netapp01>priv set advanced
Netapp01>qtree rename /vol/vol0/testingqtree /vol/vol0/qtree1
Netapp01>priv set

Deleting Qtree

Netapp01>priv set advanced
Netapp01>qtree delete -f /vol/vol0/qtree1
Netapp01>priv set

Qtree Security Style Modification

NTFS = Windows OS
UNIX = All unix Based OS
Mixed = both Unix and Windows


Netapp01> qtree security qtree_name [unix | Winows | mixed]

Example :
The security style of a qtree named qtree1 in the root volume to NTFS

Netapp01>  qtree security qtree1 ntfs

The security style of a qtree named test in the vol1 volume to NTFS

Netapp01>> qtree security /vol/vol1/test ntfs

The security style of the root volume to UNIX

Netapp01>> qtree security / unix

The security style of the vol1 volume to UNIX

Netapp01>  qtree security /vol/vol1/ unix
 Netapp01 > qtree

Volume        Tree            Style              Oplocks     Status
 --------       --------             -----              --------        --------
 vol0                                unix              enabled          normal
 vol0            qtree1          ntfs               enabled          normal
 vol1                               unix               enabled          normal

Let’s see the detailed explanation about Qtree

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