Netapp Storage Learning Complete Guide 7mode c mode

Are you searching for an Netapp Tutorial and you did not find anything.? Here you go Netapp Storage Learning Complete Guide 7mode cmode tutorial. Let’s segregate all he topics with links. Just follow the topics and you will become and Netapp Storage Administrator.

One of this article is enough to learn and follow for your regular Netapp Storage Administration tasks, Just add this Article/Page into your browser favorites refer when you want.

Netapp Storage Learning Complete Guide 7mode c mode

The first link will give you an complete course content of Netapp Certified Storage Associate ( NCSA )

1.Netapp Course content

Netapp 7 mode all commands which will help you to get idea about Netapp commands. 

2. Netapp 7 mode all the commands

To execute an scripts from Linux machine to Netapp we have to create password less connection (SSH connection) 7 mode step by step guide

3. Password Less connection creation from Linux

Adding disks to Aggregate and expanding aggregate space. When Volume space need to increase aggregate should have required space.

4. Adding disks to aggregate and expanding aggregate space

The very basic stuff for the Storage Administrators is to create LUN and map to server, when server administrator says that mapped LUN is not visible from server disk management below is the link you can simple find the guide how to create and map the LUN to windows server from Netapp 7mode

5. How to Create and map LUN from Netapp storage to Windows Server Step by Step guide

Network File System (NFS) shares creation is an common and daily activity for storage administrators, NFS shares are mostly preferable environment to share the data across Unix/Linux based operating systems.

6. How to Create and Map NFS shares from Netapp Storage

Most of the people will scare to update DATA ONTAP version, why because if something happens to running system they are not in a position to revert back the settings / Changes. Here is an complete guide for upgrading DATA ONTAP Version.

7. DATA ONTAP Version upgrade Complete Guide

As most of the Storage Administrators know that Netapp user permissions works on Role based Access control (RBAC) which will help you to create and assign user permissions.

When a New Netapp administrator is joined you can’t just directly give him an root/Administrator password right.!! in that case you have to create new user with limited access as per his role.

8. Creating Roles, Groups, Users and assigning roles to users

A Very basic learner will also in confusion state to understand what is SAN, NAS and DAS environments below is an guide which will explain you to understand complete deep idea about SAN, NAS and DAS.

9. What is SAN, NAS and DAS environments

Build your Own Netapp Lab yet Home

Do you want to build you own Netapp Lab yet home for your practice basically we may not get an full environmental access in Company because of separation of duties OR Security reasons, If we get an full access to environment still we can’t do whatever you want.

Build your own environment and do whatever you want and be techie.

10. Guide to Build your own Netapp Lab yet home

Storage Administration will also include SAN switch management the first step we have to aware of create SAN zoning.

11. Brocade Switch SAN zoning Step by Step Guide

When NFS share is not accessible to users, Server admin is complaining on you that NFS share is not properly create/assigned. Here is an guide to troubleshoot NFS related issues.

12. NFS shares and error troubleshooting Guide

Data protection plan is very important when disaster happens / Lost of data unfortunate reasons. Netapp created an technology where you can protect your data using replication method from one site to another site (DC –> DR). Snapmirror replication guide from scratch.

13. Snapmirror configuration guide from scratch

As we see in 13th point replicating data from one site (Data Center) to another site (Disaster Recovery) site. In very rare cases DC and DR sites went down or disaster happened in both the sites then your company will loose all the important data.

To avoid above situation we can also replicate data to multiple sites from one site yet a time. Snapmirror Cascading also possible to replicate data SITEA –> SITEB–> SITEC

Netapp Storage Learning Complete Guide 7mode c mode

14. Snapmirror cascading configuration complete step by step guide

In some cases we would like to verify our data consistency OR switch over primary site (DC) as Secondary  (DR) and secondary Site (DR) as Primary Site (DC). The whole picture here is to change active nodes from Data Center to Disaster Recovery site.

15. How to switchover snapmirror from DC –> DR OR DR –> DC

Snapmirror can also be possible to replicate and store in tape/media, Assume WAN link is not exists OR WAN link is small then you can’t put more traffic on WAN link so there is a feasibility to transfer snapmirror data using Tapes/Media’s from Source to destination an periodic basis.

If snapmirror basic initialization has more than 100TB to replicate as base snapshot then recommended to store in Tapes/Media’s then initialize base between DC and DR.

16. How to replicate snapmirror data to Tape/Media process

Are you looking for an new Job in Netapp Storage then you can refer below links to prepare yourself for the Interview

17. Netapp Interview Questions and answers Part -1

18. Netapp Interview Questions and Answers Part-2

Most of the common scenario for Storage Administrators in replacing an Failed disk, Here is an guide how to identify failed disk and what you have to do when disk has been failed

19. How to identify failed disk and replace failed disk in Netapp Super Guide

Basic storage learners may have questions about what is thin provisioning and what is thick provisioning and what is the dirrefence between them

20. Clarify Thin provisioning and thick provisioning Guide

Little bit more deep into storage administrator role We may get an requirement to move LUN from one volume to another volume due space constrains.

21. Move LUN from one volume to another Volume using NDMP copy

We have more and more helpful documents for you writing all the links in one page it may go long and loose of interest. So i am going to add Part-2 for the same article

Netapp storage learning complete guide 7mode c mode Part -2

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