Netapp Network Administration

You can configure IP addresses for your network interface during system setup. To configure the IP addresses later, you should use the ifconfig command. You can configure both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for a network interface.Netapp Network Administration means Assign IP Address, Adding route to Netapp devices, changing MTU size and so an..

About this task

  • Network configuration changes made by using the ifconfig command are not automatically included in the /etc/rc file. To make the configuration changes persistent after reboots, include the ifconfig command in the /etc/rc file.
  • When you configure an IP address, your storage system creates a network mask based on the class of the address (Class A, B, C, or D) by default.

Step: Netapp Network Administration

  1. To configure an IP address for a network interface, enter the following command:

    ifconfig interface_name IP_address

    interface_name is the name of the network interface.

    IP_address is the IP address that you want to assign to the network interface.


    To configure a quad-port Ethernet interface e3a to use the IPv4 address, enter the following command:

    ifconfig e3a

    To configure a quad-port Ethernet interface e3a to use the IPv6 address 2001:0db8:35ab:0:8a2e:0:0370:85, enter the following command:

    ifconfig e3a 2001:0db8:35ab:0:8a2e:0:0370:85

Changing the status of an interface

You must make an interface inactive before performing tasks such as upgrading an interface, disabling a failed interface, or troubleshooting connectivity issues. You must again make the interface active after you complete the task. You can make an interface active or inactive by using the ifconfig command.

About this task

If you have enabled IPv6 on your storage system, you can bring up the interface without a valid address configured because a link-local address is created automatically for the interface. However, if the /etc/rc file contains an entry to keep a network interface in down status, a link-local address is not created.


  1. To change the status of an interface, enter the following command:

    ifconfig interface {up|down}

    up—makes the interface active

    down—makes the interface inactive

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Netapp Network Administration

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