disk firmware update Netapp Cluster Mode ( cmode ) Step by Step guide


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  1. Eric Davis says:

    You may want to consider using the “all.zip” file when updating disk firmware, (even if you only have 1 drive type in your cluster or only have 1 drive that needs updating). A couple reasons why. 1) easy to manage 1 file across many clusters 2) the file contains all of the latest firmware for all drives which assures you that in the future, if you happen to get a replacement disk from a different manufacturer you have the latest firmware for it. The procedure in using the all.zip is very similar to that of the updating 1 drive type.

    • Yes, That’s correct but i have observed whenever using all.zip file may not update disk firmware because all of the updates are in conflict. Few of the cases i see when i download all.zip no disk firmware got updated.

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