IPV4 Address Classification – Video Tutorial

IPV4 Address Classification – Video Tutorial

IPv4 Address Classification

  • Bit is represented by 0 or 1 (i.e. binary)
  • IP Address in binary from 32bits
  • 32bits divided into 4 octets
  • Explained IP Address classes and there ranges

 The Network Information Center of Mexico (NIC.MX, for its acronym in English) proposes extending the second phase of exhaustion of the email addresses that work with the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4), so let them know during the recent meeting of the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC).

The proposal suggests that each year, large users of 1/15 returned IPv4 blocks allocated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) operating under this protocol.

The extension would double the space allocated for the second phase of exhaustion, so that the availability of IPv4 addresses for the current members would be facilitated.

The representatives of NIC.MX claimed in his presentation that this modification must be realized immediately, arguing that-be disregarded this warning-available addresses would be exhausted in the month of October 2015.

Phase 2 Exhaustion of IPv4 in Latin America is about to be completed, meaning that no additional addresses will be assigned under this format to the current members, which will complicate the situation of those who have not yet migrated their systems to Internet Protocol version 6.

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