cal command in Linux with 8 practical examples

cal command displays a calendar, let’s see how to display a calendar in different ways using cal command

cal command

1. Print Current month calendar

using cal command we can print current month calendar

# cal

# cal -1

2. Display previous/current/next month calendar using single command

We can print previous, current and next month calendar using ‘-3’ option along with ‘cal’ command

# cal -3

3. Display specified year calendar

we can also print an specified year calendar by providing the year number along with the cal command

# cal -y

# cal 2016

4. Display particular month of the year calendar

We can also print the month of the year in calendar

# cal 9 2017

# cal 8 2016

5. Print number of days in year using -j option

When we would like to print an days of the year we can use ‘-j’ along with cal command to see number of days in a year

# cal -j

# cal -j -3

6. Display Monday as the first day of the week.

using ‘-m’ option we can display the calendar week start with Monday

# cal -m

7. Display Sunday as the first day of the week

using ‘-s’ along with cal command we can display the calendar start with Sunday as first week of the day

# cal -s

8. Display the version of cal command

We can check the ‘cal’ command version using ‘–version’ & ‘-V’ option

[root@TechTutorial ~]# cal -V
cal from util-linux 2.23.2
[root@TechTutorial ~]# cal --version
cal from util-linux 2.23.2

That’s it about the cal command.

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