Which Is Better RHCSA Or RHCE Certification Do Correct One

Which Is Better RHCSA Or RHCE Certification? We published many articles to support certification. Check this One Linux Tutorial

Red Hat Significance

If there’s any rising star in the open source software and solutions in the world; it has got to be the Red Hat. It is providing power packed solutions and technology in all aspects of cloud, storage, operating system (Linux) and virtualization consistently for more than a decade now. It is providing technology efficient solutions for businesses, institutions, IT organisations and others in all sorts of system enterprises.

Red Hat Certifications

There are numerous Red Hat certifications that can certify your credentials and expertise ranging from system administration to system engineering and variety of other areas.

RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) and RHCE (Red Hat Engineer Training) are two certifications that can increase your overall chances of getting a secure and high profile job in the system administration of a reputed IT organisation. The certifications can show your employers that you have what it takes to be a top notch system administrator and can work as an asset to the organisation; adding the desired amount of value to it.

Better RHCSA Certification

The certification imparts you enough credibility with skills pertaining local storage configuration and managing its security credentials in terms of user base, firewalls, access controls and others in Linux enterprise. One needs a certain amount of expertise in handling and managing virtual machines, working on command lines and others to take up the certification and qualify its examination.

RHCE Certification

The certification provides you more advanced level expertise in handling the Linux administration with a better efficiency in shell commands, setting passwords for users, configuring DNS, managing server and security, remote storage management and configuration along with networking proficiency in FTP, SSH, NFS, SMB, SMTP and others. RHCSA certification is a prerequisite for appearing for this credential.

Significance of Red Hat certifications

The best thing about the Red Hat Certifications is that they are all practical knowledge based certifications and this can really help your perform at the highest level. The certifications give you a wide scope in handling Linux security, storage and server managements in a corporate world with just enough credentials to get a high level responsibility in the ranks of their organisation. With more and more companies giving preference to Red Hat credentials and skills, it is highly imperative for one to acquire these certifications to boost his chances of a better job.


Although both the certifications (RHCE and RHCSA) give you enough knowledge and recognition in the industry, there is a valid amount of difference between the two certifications. The RHCE credential helps you to acquire more key and important roles in IT companies as a system engineer or senior system engineers whereas RHCSA is a prerequisite to getting key roles in organisations as a system administrator or senior system administrator. Getting a more advanced RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect) certification can land you big roles in the architecture department of a reputed IT organisation

RHCE (Red Hat Engineer Training) Certification is a more advanced level certification which covers a wide range of syllabus and gives you more chances of employment and recognition in the corporate world. To be considered eligible for an RHCE Certification, one must pass the exam and acquire an RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) Certification first.

Moreover, an RHCE Certification allows you to be eligible for the more advanced level of Red Hat certifications which can really prove crucial for your carrier giving it a range and wide spectrum that it deserves. You can either opt for a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) or even a Red Hat Certified Data center Specialist (RHCDS). These certifications can really change the course of your carrier and give you more than enough edge among other competitors to secure that high profile job in a big IT company that you’ve always wanted for yourself.


In fact both the certifications are required very basic and start learning with Better RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator). With more and more employers vouching for Red Hat expertise in managing their servers and system administration, it is highly recommended for an individual to seriously think about acquiring an out and out RHCE or RHCSA certification to give him enough opportunities at the highest level.

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