ADAudit Plus java.lang.Exception: Received data larger than buffer size

Problem is unable to download large records from ADAudit Plus CIFS audit data. Error message “java.lang.Exception: Received data larger than buffer size!

Issue: Unable to export reports with an error message “java.lang.Exception: Received data larger than buffer size!

Steps to fix:

  •  Please login to the ADAudit Plus server and stop the ManageEngine ADAudit Plus service.
  •  Navigate to <Installation Directory>\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\conf\DataEngine\engines\xnode
  •  Take a backup of dataengine-xnodes.conf file
  •  Now edit the dataengine-xnodes.conf file and set Default xnode.connector.tcp.json_decode_size_mb = 50.
  •  Save the file and start the ADAudit Plus service.
  •  Try exporting the data in multiple formats.

That’s about it.

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