vSphere 5 vs vSphere 6 Difference between both versions

 This article will guide you with the difference between the vSphere 5 vs vSphere 6 (ESXi 6 Installation Guide ). ESXi 6.0 is enhanced with new features such as (vVols) Virtual Volume creations. NFS Version 4.1 Support. So many new features are included lets see few of them in below table.

vSphere 5 Vs vSphere 6

vSphere 6.0 vSphere 5.5
VM memory per VM 4TB 1 TB
virtualvolumes(Vvols) Yes N/A
VM HarwareW version virtual hardware 11 VM HW10
NFS Version support NFS 4.1 NFS 3.0
vCenter single-sing-on SSO included as part of platform services controller SSO with improved architecture
vCPU 128 vCPU’s 64 CPU’s
Max CPU per Host 480 320
Max Mem per Host 12 TB 4TB
Max vCPU per FT vm 4 vCPU 1 CPU
Cluster nodes 64 nodes 32 nodes
VM’s per cluster 8,000 4,000
Graphical support WDDM 1.1 GDI graphics acceleration improved 3D graphics support
vCSA with embedded DB 1000 hosts and 10000 VM’s 300 hosts and 1,000 vM’s
content library vSphere 6.0 NA
Management vSphere web client , vSphere clinet vSphere web client , vSphere client
vCenter type windows, Linux (vCSA) windows, Linux (vCSA)


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vSphere 5 vs vSphere 6 Difference between both versions

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