clone virtual machine without vCenter using ESXi



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  1. You have skipped one important step – you need to shutdown the VM before you could use the vmkfstools as Virtual machine disk files are locked while in-use by a running virtual machine.

  2. blank John A Lauro says:

    The below has worked in 3.x, and still works in 6.x and I think is a little easier…

    First, shutdown the vm, browse the datastore in the client (should be on summary tab of the vm and right click and pick browse, or get to it from host config or summary). Then browse to it on the left so all the files are on the right. Select all and right click and pick copy. Then navigate to root on the left panel and right click on right for new folder. Go into the folder and then on the right click paste. After the copy is complete, right click on the .vmx file and pick add to inventory, put in a name and take the defaults… and that is it.

    PS: The nice thing about cloning with vcenter (if you have vcenter) is you can do it without the shutdown (for a crash consistent copy).

  3. blank Alexey Stromilov says:

    Using Extrasphere 2.0 you can clone running VM to the same or another ESXi host (including free licensed) with or without shared storage… and it’s free.

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